Op-Ed: Fairness Isn’t Part of the Obstructionist Playbook

Will President Bush encourge Majority Leader Bill Frist to implement the Constitutional option (better known as the Nuclear option)?

If it happens the only ones to blame will be the Dems whose filibustering effected to the negative the lives of millions as case after case becomes back logged.

Nuclear option definded

The ‘Nuclear Option’

Nuclear Option Still on the Table by Sen. Orrin G. Hatch

The Constitutional Option Explained


Fairness Isn’t Part of the Obstructionist Playbook

As President Bush deliberates on whom to nominate to fill the first Supreme Court vacancy in more than a decade, it’s worth contemplating the other side of the confirmation equation: the U.S. Senate.

For four years, liberals in the Senate tested strategies and tactics that they could employ to obstruct Senate confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee. And typically, their methods involve abusing the Senate’s traditional confirmation process. Nominees to federal appeals courts like Henry Saad, Miguel Estrada and Charles Pickering have been victims of their obstruction. So have nominees to executive branch posts like John Bolton.

So with the Senate set to consider a nominee to the Supreme Court, it’s worth considering what the Senate confirmation process should look like, and it is likely to be abused.

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