Perfect Harmony Between Pro-Life & Death Penalty Positions

To be short, there is perfect harmony with the Pro-Life & Death Penalty issues. There is perfect harmony because it’s a principled decision; therefore there is neither conflict nor contradiction.

The four principles (at least four) are accountability & sanctity of life, & mercy & justice.

Being responsible for the choices one makes is key to LDS (Christian) theology. One is held accountable not only for actions, but words and desires, all which will affect ones status on the Judgment day.

The commandments related to chastity apply to all people, regardless of age or circumstance. If a person chooses to engage in sex a realistic outcome is pregnancy. While such pregnancy maybe unwelcome or unwanted, the sex act itself was welcomed and wanted, therefore that person by default accepts the risks (pregnancy) associated with the act. Just because a pregnancy occurred, does not provide sufficient cause or reason to abort the baby. Hence, the person who engaged in sex is accountable for the life created; they are not innocent per se; it did not “just happen”.

Further, the baby is innocent, and deserves life and protection because the baby did not choose this pregnancy; it is innocent, therefore it cannot be held accountable and nor has a voice on the matter, therefore it must be protected and nourished and honored.

Herein is all four principles played out: accountability (those who had sex should live with that decision), sanctify of life (both the sex act and a baby are sacred in Gods eyes and are not to be take lightly), mercy (life of the baby protected) and justice (law of chastity requires responsibility of all outcomes, including pregnancy).

In the case of rape or incest or life of the mother, abortion is acceptable because the person getting pregnant did not have a choice in the matter; no person chooses rape, incest or death. Here again, the same principles are in perfect harmony.

The commandments related to life/murder (thou shall not kill) and the death penalty also are in perfect harmony with the four principles (at least four) are accountability & sanctity of life, & mercy & justice.

When a person repents, he is to restore what was take or lost. A thief replaces with equal value or greater the item they stole. A liar must make amends equal to the crime committed and the harm to another. What can the murder restore? How can the murder repent? Can the murder bring back the life (accountability) of the person murdered? No!

The murderer has sealed their fate, unable to repent (restore life), therefore, mercy is robbed and the sanctity of life mocked by murder. Therefore, accountability and justice must be executed, and this for the murders soul as well; it’s part of the price of their repentance; giving up that which they took, namely, their life for a life.


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