American Israel

One of my favorite quotes by Avraham Gileadi:

Today America is the “head of nations.”

It has always received God’s covenant blessings-the very ones God promised his people Israel.

The founding fathers established “one nation under God” in modern fulfillment of God’s promise.

In an endtime or prophetic sense, therefore, when Isaiah refers to “Israel,” we can just as easily read “America.”

America, too, is God’s people.


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  1. You are not as familiar with the writings of Avraham Gileadi as you think you are. Or the scriptures. An entire section of his book The Last Days is devoted to the question of who, in the context of Book of Mormon Prophecies, is a gentile. What do you think 3 Ne 16:10 means?

  2. The Gentiles mentioned in 3 Nephi are those who are not Jews who are of Christ’s latter-day church. They are the only ones who could sin against the gospel of which Jesus says of those who are lifted up in pride. They are the only ones who claim to have the fullness of the gospel which will Jesus says will be taken from among them because of the sins he lists in that verse.

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