Hypothetical: A Mormon US President

An active Mormon wins the 2008 Republican primaries and his political views are inline with a Moderate/Conservative Republican platform.

1) Would you support a Mormon running for the US Presidency? If so, why? If not, why not?

2) How do you think your church would react to the potential of a US President being a Mormon? Would your church support it? Would they be opposed to it?

3) Do you think professional anti-Mormons (Tanners et al) would do all in their power to prevent the election of a Mormon to the US Presidency simply because of fact he is Mormon?

By Alex Beam, Globe Columnist July 21, 2005
I spent a week earlier this month vacationing with friends in California. Because we don’t have a governor with a household name, they inquired who was running Massachusetts. ”Mitt Romney,” I replied, adding: ”He’s running for president.”

That came as news to them, and provoked this rejoinder: ”Really? But isn’t he a Mormon? Can a Mormon be elected president?”

”It’s a fascinating question,” says Alan Wolfe, director of Boston College’s Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life. ”Catholics like to talk about anti-Catholicism and Jews like to complain about anti-Semitism. But a hundred years ago, Mormonism was the most hated religion in America. Since then the religion has changed dramatically. It’s almost like a new business taking off — it’s a quintessential American success story.”

Wolfe thinks that if Romney’s ambitions take him to the 2008 Republican primaries, he’s likely to be slimed by political operatives of the Karl Rove mold. ”I think there will be rumors spread about how Mitt Romney has six wives, all of them 14 years of age, stashed in a house in Utah. These rumors will be denied, but they will stick in people’s minds. There is some subterranean sentiment about curious practices in Mormonism.”

Are you ready for a Mormon president?


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