Common Traits of Professional anti-Mormons (PAMs) & Nehor’s

How much in common do you find Professional anti-Mormons (PAMs) to be like the followers of Nehor (Priestcraft of Nehor) as found in the Book of Mormon?

Backgroup: Per the Encyclopedia of Mormonism…Nehor (c. 91 B.C.), a practitioner of priestcraft, preached and established a church to obtain riches and worldly honor and to satisfy his pride. He taught that God had created everyone, had redeemed everyone, and that people need not “fear and tremble” because everyone would be saved. Furthermore, he said priests should be supported by the people. Nehor attacked and killed a defender of the true doctrine of Christ, and was tried before Alma 2 and executed (Alma 1:2-16). He was not executed for being an antiChrist, but for having enforced his beliefs “by the sword.” (Encyclopedia of Mormonism, 1-4 vols., edited by Daniel H. Ludlow (New York: Macmillan, 1992), 45.)

Characteristics of the Priestcraft of Nehor:
– Nehors were false teachers
– Nehors were murderers in spirit if not action…sometimes action too
– Nehors have spiritual disorders
– Nehors thrive on elitism
– Nehors lie a little and think it no big deal
– Nehors take the advantage of believers because of their words
– Nehors dig a pit for their fellow neighbor
– Nehors are very prideful
– Nehors are dishonest
– Nehors got to be right, got to win the arguement at all cost
– Nehors are not bashful about manipulating the truth to suit their purposes
– Nehors initiate attack upon attack upon attack…never stop the attack…never…give up…attack…attack…attack…
– Nehors “persecute them (believers), and afflict them with all manner of words” Alma 1:19-20a
– Nehor’s offer a form of cheap grace
– Nehors have a violent spirit
– Nehors tried to destroy the scriptural records of the Church
– Nehors were religious people
– Nehors built many sanctuaries as places of worship
– Nehors were a hard-heated people
– Nehors have unbridled arrogance
– Nehors belitted and rejected Aaron’s testimony
– Aaron’s appeal to scripture was met with anger and mockery
– Nehors spend a lot of time and energy fanning the flames of bigotry and prejudice
– Nehors professed a belief in God (Alma 22:7)
– Nehors set themselves as a light unto all to get glory of the world
– Nehors need to attack and mock and criticize another faith
– Nehors fear truth
– Nehors disregard truth
– Nehors proclaim loud and long a love for truth, but the opposite is truth
– Nehors repackage concepts of salvation, e.g., who is saved, how one is saved, etc.
– Nehrism is hubris maximized
– Nehors enjoy cocksure grandstanding
– Nehors gloat in their false claim that True Believers are gullible (read stupid, dumb, brainwashed, ignorant et al)
– Nehorites engage in vitriolic persecution of Christ’s Church
– Nehors are compelled to obliterating whatever they see as an affront to their version of Christianity
– Nehors are filled with hatred and venom
– Nehors misreprest the faith they target by telling the believers they believe in something when in fact they don’t
– Nehors are relentless in their attacks
– Nehors often engage in ugly verbal, and sometimes physical attacks
– Nehors love to taunt
– Nehors try to pass themselves as a brilliant
– Nehors refuse to continue the debate with faced with the truth
– Nehors virtue is mocking the Church, not truth
– Nehors are bigots
– Nehors hate it when they are called anti-whatever-faith, and discount it as an inappropriate label
– Nehors are in a deep, delusional, denial

Source: Nehors in the Land: A Latter-day Variation on an Ancient Theme:

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  1. Here’s another fact to add…When you go on exmormon sites and listen to them all “shouting ” and arguing, putting each other down, trying to convince the christians amongst them to become atheists..(steve benson is famous for this…) I think of a quote by Quorum of the Twelve member Henry B. Eyring,he said about the internet… “It’s a very large room in which everyone is shouting, and the quality of ideas is the only thing that distinguishes one person from another..” kittywaymo

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