TBM: Is it a derogatory label?

TBM: Is it a derogatory label?

On beliefnet.com I asked if anyone can explain the meaning behind a common label used for believing LDS…”TBM” (True-Blue-Mormon)…

What is your take on that term? Have you seen it before? Is it a derogatory label?

My question:
“TBM” (True-Blue-Mormon): Can someone please define a TBM? More specifically, is it a derogatory label?…like along the lines of “gullible” or “brainwashed” or “mindless”…

Most LDS agree it is a derogatory label, defamation worthy of denouncing.

So now the rest of the story.

I created a thread and coined a term PAM (Professional Anti-Mormon), or the Ed Decker et al, to differentiate PAMs from members on BNet who are PAM sympathizers.

And you might have thought I called these BNet anti-Mormons Satan! They took it personally as though it was a term aimed at them, but it wasn’t.

Heck, the term PAM was invented for the express purpose of a shorthand way to talking about those who make a living as a wolf feeding on the flesh of the sheep. Besides, truth be told, “PAM” affords them far more dignity than they deserve IMHO.

It is not nor was it about users on BNet. But they decided to take offense and created such a stir.

The maelstrom of protests and fang-n-foam was downright hilarious! I was literally ROTFL like never before.

The exceedingly hypersensitive of the anti’s was a hoot to behold.

…now back to the regularly scheduled programming…


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  1. All depends on your point of view. I know some individuals who wear the badge of a TBM with great pride. Why be insulted when you can take it as a compliment? I think the implication that the anti-M crowd wants to stir up is that if you are TBM then you are a complete, naive slave to the most recent pronouncement made by any General Authority or other church leader. IOW, you utterly lack the ability to think for yourself.

    However, that idea is actually an oxymoron. If one is TBM, then one utterly believes in the power of personal revelation. Therefore, any pronouncement by a GM has to meet the test of personal revelation. Ergo, you can’t be a TBM and wear blinders. My two cents.

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