Will 2012 be the start of a 7 year famine?

WhisperFox of another forum posted the following insight regarding President Hinckley’s 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine and the year 2012. He alludes that the year 2012 will be the year the famine begins. For a variety of reasons I agree with his conclusion.

What are your thoughts about the possibility of the year 2012 as the beginning year of a famine?

The answer is 7 and 2012, now if we just knew the right question.

7 years ago …

1998, October conference, President Hinckley gave a talk in general priesthood meeting warning priesthood holders to get their houses in order, focusing mainly on financial matters, using the biblical story of Pharoahs dream of 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famne.

7 years later …

2005, October conference, President Hinckley gave a talk in general priesthood meeting warning priesthood holders to get their houses in order, focusing mainly of food storage and emergency prepardness, referencing in his talk his comments before about Pharoah’s dream of 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine.

7 years from now two interesting things occur….

2012, December 23rd, the Mayan calendar ends (or better ends it’s major cycle) This calendar was begun in about 3114 BC and can still predict all the eclipes’ of this solar system to the day. It ends Dec. 23rd, 2012.

2012, the Great Pyramid of Cheop’s, thought by many to be a giant stone calendar of the history of the world. The great corridor calendar has managed to show each major event in the history of the world, even though it was built before 2,000 BC. It ends in 2012.

The answer for today’s Jeopardy daily double is “7” and “2012”

What is the question?

As we all know, President Hinckley is very educated and is very adept at the use of the English language. In the talk in 1998 and in 2005 he used the word “portent”. Lets take a look at the definitions of “portent”.

Main Entry: por•tent

1 : something that foreshadows a coming event : OMEN
2 : prophetic indication or significance

Quote:Meriam Websters
por•tent n.

1. An indication of something important or calamitous about to occur; an omen.
2. Prophetic or threatening significance: signs full of portent.
3. Something amazing or marvelous; a prodigy.

From 1998

Quote:Now, brethren, I want to make it very clear that I am not prophesying, that I am not predicting years of famine in the future. But I am suggesting that the time has come to get our houses in order.

So many of our people are living on the very edge of their incomes. In fact, some are living on borrowings.

We have witnessed in recent weeks wide and fearsome swings in the markets of the world. The economy is a fragile thing. A stumble in the economy in Jakarta or Moscow can immediately affect the entire world. It can eventually reach down to each of us as individuals. There is a portent of stormy weather ahead to which we had better give heed.

In 2005 he said;

Quote:How portentous are the words of revelation found in the 88th section of the Doctrine and Covenants concerning the calamities that should befall after the testimonies of the elders. The Lord says:

“For after your testimony cometh the testimony of earthquakes, that shall cause groanings in the midst of her, and men shall fall upon the ground and shall not be able to stand.

“And also cometh the testimony of the voice of thunderings, and the voice of lightnings, and the voice of tempests, and the voice of the waves of the sea heaving themselves beyond their bounds.

“And all things shall be in commotion; and surely, men’s hearts shall fail them; for fear shall come upon all people” (D&C 88:89–91).

I believe he was trying to warn us with the use of the word “portent”. Those with ears to hear, hear.


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  1. An option that you might be overlooking.

    1998 – 2005 = 7 years
    2005 – 20012 = 7 years

    Maybe we just finished the 7 years of plenty and are now just starting the 7 years of famine…

  2. I’d have to agree. My financial struggle has become infinately worse in recent years. Seven years ago $10.00 an hour was a good wage. I was doing well. Now it may as well be minumum wage. 2012 may not be the absolute end of the world, but I think that the famine’s already started, and that things are only going to get worse from here.
    Personally I think that we’ll be hit by an asteroid in 2012. That the alignment of the planet with the Sun and the Dark Rift (the center of the Milkyway) will cause a magnetic chain reaction which will pull a massive asteroid in that would have otehrwised missed us… Oh yeah and the planet’s poles will switch in the process too. It’ll be the ultimate desaster, but my heart tells me there will be survivors. People tend to forget that the doomsday prophecy precededs the 2nd comming. After all the chaos has settled Jesus comes back to set the world right and eliminate the last remaning pockets of the wicked.
    Meaning, we better get our affairs in order, like the Prophet said. Physically and spiritually because some pretty bad stuff is about to happen, whether or not the 7 years of famine is now, or 2012.

  3. the sad truth is the parable of the ten virgins, even in the Church, only half will be ready. who is really storing up anything? does anyone know how these days? it got pretty bad in egypt. how many times does the Word say to “watch, and be ready?” i dont even know that i am…

  4. The mayan’s predict that the end of the cycle will end on Dec. 21st 2012, in your page you put dec 23rd. probably just a simple misstake. No worries.

  5. Depends on who you ask, I’ve seen it range from Dec 19 to Dec 30. The problem is nailing down days on a calendar that goes multiple thousands of years.

  6. Personally I thought that God would never tell us a date of when the world would end therefore how can we be so sure 2012 is the right date? I think you need to have more faith in God with this subject, and if its going to happen, just let it happen. why worry over something you can’t control? p.s. if the world does end what does the point in being financially stable matter if money won’t even mean anything when it happens?…

    • yeah, it’s just like the Fallout games. Real money’s gone, but bottle caps aren’t!

    • He is not saying the world will “end” nor have the prophets. There will not ve an end but rather a transition and there will be trying times during that transition. The prophets have told us over and over to get our house in order. If ye are prepared ye shall not fear. If you just say “whatever will come will come but don’t prepare then where is your faith?

  7. If the famine is coming this year or in 2012 it will not be the end of the world but the beginning of many ancient prophecies. There is still much to be done. That is why you have food storage, to survive the famine and carry on the work. I do believe we are ripe for chastisement, so something may happen soon. Oh, and another option you may have overlooked. In 1998 he said he was not prophesying, but 2001 he made mention again of the Pharaoh’s dream. 2001-2008 years of plenty / 2009-2016 years of famine. Just another thought.

  8. The Bible tells us that we will not know the time, so for us to think we can figure it out in goofy. However, there will be signs and some of those signs have already occured, earthquakes, war, disease, etc…a lot in the late 1900’s. We could be in the seven years of famine right now. Who knows, or maybe a great seven years is ahead, then a terrible 7 years..either way you have to have faith in the moment..in jesus…..be saved. Technically the world could end tomorrow. We don’t know.

  9. I really don’t think it’s too right to predict when things might happen. It’s true, things have gotten infinitely worse in the last few years, but it does say in the Bible that things are going to get a lot harder in the end days along with earthquakes, famines and other tragedies. I look at all the earthquakes reported in the news and the tsunamis and I go “wow” because there weren’t so many of this kind of thing, so frequently reported all over the earth, and then 2001 hits and then a few years later (now), so many earthquakes and tsunamis hit! It’s like it’s serving as a warning to people to be ready not for famine, necessarily, but for a sign from God that HE has not forgotten about his coming back to rapture the christians, but we should pay more attention to the signs leading up to that point. I don’t think we’ll ever see a 7 year peace treaty signed in Israel by any anti christ because I believe that christians will be raptured before all the nightmares and tortures on earth to do with the antichrist even begins, in fact – I believe that christians might not even know who will rise to BE the antichrist at all, we’ll just be raptured entirely. Ok, so I know I’ve gone off on another thing, but I guess what I’m saying is… unless there’s a real prophet from God, and I know for a fact that he’s not false, looking me in the face and telling me that there’s going to be some sort of horrid tragedy happen in 2012, then I’m not going to worry, I have a future right now, and for all I know I’m going to graduate from college and get married someday…and for all we know, if something huge is going to happen in 2012, it could be the rapture itself. And a calendar..is just a calendar, and when you think of it, the traditional calendar we have today is going to have to keep going – rapture or not – until the end of the world itself, or until people just stop keeping up with the day and focusing on the times that lay ahead lol….

    …but time is still going to go on in some way or other long after the mayan calendar runs out of dates.

  10. You need to read “Lost Star” before you comment on 2012.

  11. While it’s true that we do not know the day that he will come, what most members of the church are forgetting is the fact that there is a LOT that needs to happen before he comes. 2012 could simply mean the beginning of the horrible tribulations prophesied that are to precede his coming. Members need to be prepared with their food storage because we are in for a stormy ride long before the Savior shows up. Remember, we still have a New Jerusalem to build in Independence.

  12. I was just baptized into the Church a couple of months ago, and I’m having trouble grasping this whole “getting ready” thing. I hadn’t even heard of 2012 until last week, and thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. I’m fairly young and I guess I just need some help trying to understand this.

    • I have been in the church for several years and never heard 2012 mentioned in Priesthood, sacrament, Conference talks, the church newspapers or magazines. It’s not anywhere in the teaching of the church that I can recall. The scriptures do not mention it. I haven’t come across any church manuals that talk about it. Perhaps the Mayan Calendar was mentioned in the Relief Society Manuals because they have a lot of fascinating world history mixed into their lessons. I do not believe that Heavenly Father would tell evil demonic Mayan butchers who tortured then sacrificed their own precious children to idols, the exact day that the end of the world would take place, so they could carve it in stone for us. It’s a lie, it’s only the end of the calendar, not the end of the world. I believe 2012 will pass by like Y2K 2000 with not much going on to rock our world. “No one knows when that day or hour will come. Even the angels in heaven and the Son don’t know. Only the Father knows” Any one tells you they know the day the savior is coming, it’s a lie. Satan is the Master of Lies. Believe it not. The Church has excellent guides for those members who would like to know more about the food storage basics, how to strengthen your testimony and career guidance to help students with educational choices. http://www.lds.org Have a good life Ashlee. It will be a long one :O)

  13. IT ends December 21st. It is all about the Winter Solstice, which happens to be the 21st that year. But, I think your reading into something that isn’t there. The Maya calendar is not a count down to nothing. The Maya calendar is about as accurate about what is going to happen as the Chinese year of the Monkey, Horse, Rat, ect…..

    What happens after 2012? it goes on to Phase 2 of their 7 phases. (which don’t go in numolgoical order) Thats it. Not the end of the world. Which will at a time we think not of.

    I am guessing it will happen on a Friday, but, that’s about as far as have gotten. :p

  14. hi
    I´m from mexico, sorry for my english.

    Pdte hinckley talked about Pharoah’s dream of 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine in general conference (sunday morning sesion) october 2001. After 7 years (2008) the economic crisis was announced.
    Am I right?

  15. maybe all mayans just stopped the prediction til 2012, because they got tired or a tragedy happened

  16. what about the blackspots in the sun that will send hot waves to earth and will destroy our satellites and could even melt this has been predicted for 2012 by one of the scientists by theway 2012 movie coming out in november 🙂

  17. david jenkins

    IF ye are prepared ye shall not fear The days of tribulation are certainly upon us and worse it is going to get but we have time to get married and raise our children. put your lives in order with gospel principles follow the leaders.The lord told that he will be in front of us and at our rear and on our right side and on our left.The book of mormon will tell you what it will be like prior to the lords return.READ IT!”

  18. Seriously? I read this post waiting for it to become apparent that this was just a farce or satire. I honestly didn’t believe that people who could string together a complete sentence could believe such rubbish. Pres. Hinckley is one of the most straight forward, direct, and clear speakers or writers I know. I love his talks for their simplicity. That he would be intimating coded instructions via some 7-year quasi Biblical, Mayan cosmology is rediculous. I hope the joke is on me here and no one is actually writing this stuff with a stright face.

  19. If we believe that the head of the church is Jesus Christ and the prophet is inspired by the Holy Spirit and have the ability to act in the name of Christ now, as in days of the past. He will inform us to ready ourselves. And if the spirit be strong with you, then you too will know what to do and when to do it. Getting ready, spiritually is of the up most importance at this time. For the spirit will confer to you what to do and when to do it.

  20. This is 2009, the home foreclosure problem is going to get worse in 2010 and 2011. I’m debt free now and leaning to garden in a small space. A couple years ago I was told by the Spirit to start learning. My wife dehydrates everything I can grow.

    We are Temple workers for the pass two years, and have been asked to work for another year.

    The next few years will be very interesting. You had better be Temple worthy, and doing what the Spirit and leaders say to do.

  21. I think you left out the fact that you are crazy.
    If you went to a Mayan-speaking community and asked people what is going to happen in 2012, they wouldn’t have any idea. That the world is going to end? They wouldn’t believe you. They have real concerns these days.
    This is the only thing that is predictable for 2012, the earth will probably still be here, and you will probably still be crazy.

  22. Ok so maybe the world ends in 2012, or at least western culture.. its doesn’t matter if your morom or baptist.. the bible says things will happen…. no amount of temple readyness will stop whats coming…but yeah i belivie in christ.. and do have an food storage. because common sense not an church leaders says so

  23. I guarantee the prophecy for year 2012 is a false prophecy and it can never be happend.

  24. That’s a like big mystery…yet to be unveiled…but, whatever has to happen shall happen…so be optimistic and lead a joyful life ahead…leaving behind all worries!!

  25. Strange that all of you doom sayers ignored President Hinckley’s word in full context. He specifically stated: “Now, I want to make it very clear that I am not prophesying, that I am not predicting years of famine in the future,” President Hinckley noted. “But I am suggesting that the time has come to get our houses in order.

    “So many of our people are living on the very edge of their incomes. In fact, some are living on borrowings.

    “We have witnessed in recent weeks wide and fearsome swings in the markets of the world. The economy is a fragile thing. A stumble in the economy in Jakarta or Moscow can immediately affect the entire world. It can, eventually, reach down to each of us as individuals. There is a portent of stormy weather ahead to which we had better give heed.”

    So, the prophet purposefully says he is NOT prophesying, is NOT predicting years of famine in the future, and yet you knuckleheads carry on as though he was!

    Amazing, you won’t listen to the prophets when they are speaking prophetically, but when the say they are not, you are all ears…

    • If you want to read something interesting for the future and what we will soon be going through… read this Vision/Dream:

      The Vision of Charles D. Evans

      In August, 1894, an article appeared in The Contributor, (Vol. 15, No. 20, pp.638-647: the forerunner of The Improvement Era), entitled “A Dream.” In the article, an account was given of a vision or dream which Charles D. Evans, a Patriarch living in Springville, Utah, had been given of the last days. Those words in ( ) are my interpretations and references.

      A Dream

      While I lay pondering, in deep solitude, on the events of the present, my mind was drawn into a reverie such as I had never felt before. A strong solicitude for my imperiled country utterly excluded every other thought and raised my feelings to a point of intensity I did not think it possible to endure. While in this solemn, profound and painful reverie of mind, to my infinite surprise, a light appeared in my room, which seemed to be soft and silvery and that diffused from a northern star. At the moment of its appearance the acute feeling I had experienced instantly yielded to one of calm tranquility.

      Although it may have been at the hour of midnight and the side of the globe whereon I was situated was excluded from the sunlight, yet all was light and bright and warm as an Italian landscape at noon; but the heat was softer or more subdued. As I gazed upward, I saw descending through my bedroom roof, with a gently gliding movement, a personage clothed in white apparel, whose countenance was smoothly serene, his features regular, and the flashes of his eye seemed to shoot forth scintillations, to use an earthly comparison, strongly resembling those reflected from a diamond under an intensely-illumined electric light, which dazzled but did not bewilder. Those large, deep, inscrutable eyes were presently fixed upon mine, when instantly placing his hands upon my forehead his touch produced an indescribable serenity and calmness, calmness not born of earth, but at once peaceful, delightful and heavenly. My whole being was imbued with a joy unspeakable. All feelings of sorrow instantly vanished. Those lines and shadows which care and sorrow impress upon us were dispelled as a deep fog before a blazing sun. In the eyes of my heavenly visitor, for such he appeared to me, there was a sort of lofty pity and tenderness infinitely stronger than any such feeling I ever saw manifested in ordinary mortals. His very calm appeared like vast ocean stillness, at once overpowering to every agitated emotion.

      By some intuition, or instinct, I felt he had something to communicate to soothe my sorrows and allay my apprehensions. Whereon, addressing me, he said:

      “Son I perceive thou hast grave anxieties over the perilous state of thy country, that thy soul has felt deep sorrow for its future. I have therefore come to thy relief and to tell thee of the causes that have led to this peril. Hear me attentively. Seventy-one years ago, (Vision of Joseph Smith, Spring of 1820) after an awful apostasy of centuries, in which all nations were shrouded in spiritual darkness, when the angels had withdrawn themselves, the voice of prophets hushed and the light of Urim and Thummim shone not, and the vision of the seers was closed, while heaven itself shed not a ray of gladness to lighten a dark world, when Babel ruled and Satan laughed, and church and priesthood had taken their upward flight, and the voice of nations, possessing the books of the Jewish prophets (the Bible) had ruled against vision and against Urim, against the further visits of angels, and against the doctrine of a church of apostles and prophets, thou knowest that then appeared a mighty angel with the solemn announcement of the hour of judgment, the burden of whose instructions pointed to dire calamities upon the present generation. This, therefore, is the cause of what thou seest and the end of the wicked hasteneth.”

      My vision now became extended in a marvelous manner, and the import of the past labors of the Elders was made plain to me. I saw multitudes fleeing to the place of safety in our mountain heights. The church was established in the wilderness. Simultaneously the nation had reach an unparalleled prosperity, wealth abounded, new territory was acquired, commerce extended, finance strengthened, confidence was maintained, and peoples abroad pointed to her as the model nation, the ideal of the past realized and perfected, the embodiment of the liberty sung by poets, and sought for by sages.

      “But,” continued the messenger, “thou beholdest a change. Confidence is lost. Wealth is arrayed against labor, labor against wealth, (2009-2012…there is a great imbalance in our monetary economy. Inflation increases to oppress the laborer, unemployment reaches an all time high) yet the land abounds with plenty for food and raiment, and silver and gold are in abundance. Thou seest also that letters written by a Jew have wrought great confusion in the finances of the nation which, together with the policy of many wealthy ones, has produced distress and do presage further sorrow.”

      Factions now sprang up as if by magic; capital had entrenched itself against labor throughout the land; labor was organized against capital. The voice of the wise sought to tranquilize these two powerful factors in vain. Excited multitudes ran wildly about; strikes increased; lawlessness sought the face of regular government. At this juncture I saw a banner floating in air whereon was written the words, “Bankruptcy, Famine, Floods, Fire, Cyclones, Blood, and Plague.” Mad with rage men and women rushed upon each other. Blood flowed down the streets like water. The demon of bloody hate had enthroned itself on the citadel of reason; the thirst for blood was intenser than that of the parched tongue for water. Thousands of bodies lay untombed in the streets. Men and women fell dead from the terror inspired by fear. Rest was but the precursor of the bloody work of the morrow. All around lay the mournfulness of a past in ruins. Monuments erected to perpetuate the names of the noble and brave were ruthlessly destroyed by combustibles. A voice now sounded aloud these words: “Yet once again (“again” always refers to a repeat event! One that has happened before in earth’s temporal journey) I shake not the earth only, but also heaven (this is the fulfillment of Revelations 6:12-17). And this word yet once again signifies the removing of things that are shakes as of things that are made; that those things that cannot be shaken may remain.” (Heb 12:26-27). (The only thing that cannot be shaken and remain is your relationship with God… everything else can fail. If you have sought for and embraced the attributes of godliness in your life, you will not be moved but will stand firm in your foundation and walk in life. All governments and economies will fail you but your integrity won’t (in fact) it will bring you through these times of cataclysmic change with stability and peace of conscience …but only if you have truly developed a spiritual relationship within, with God. You are in reality the only temple that cannot be moved (1 Corinthians 3: 16-17) if your foundation is in holiness and virtue.)

      Earthquakes rent the earth in vast chasms, (Rev.6:12-17; 6th Seal time period. This Earthquake is called the “great earthquake”…it is global in its nature: “every mountain and island were moved out of their places…and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth” …this earthquake happens very close to the end of the 6th seal, before the opening of the 7th seal. I personally would put this shaker sometime between 2011 and 2013 winter time. Many people will confuse this earthquake for the Lords Second Coming. This event (the 6th Seal Earthquake) must take place, as will the “Council of adam-ondi-ahman” before the opening of the 7th Seal.) “letters written by a Jew have wrought great confusion in the finances of the nation which, together with the policy of many wealthy ones, has produced distress and do presage further sorrow.”

      Earthquakes rent the earth in vast chasms, which engulfed multitudes; terrible groanings and wailings filled the air; the shrieks of the suffering were indescribably awful. Water wildly rushed in from the tumultuous ocean whose very roaring under the mad rage of the fierce cyclone, was unendurable to the ear. Cities were swept away in an instant, missiles were hurled through the atmosphere at a terrible velocity and people were carried upward only to descend on an unrecognized mass. Islands appeared where ocean waves once tossed the gigantic steamer. In other parts voluminous flames, emanating from vast fires, rolled with fearful velocity destroying life and property in their destructive course. The seal of the dread menace of despair was stamped on every human visage; men fell exhausted, appalled and trembling. Every element of nature was a demon of wrathful fury. Dense clouds, blacker than midnight darkness, whose thunders reverberated with intonations which shook the earth, obscured the sunlight. Darkness reigned, (“the sun became black as sackcloth of hair and the moon became as blood” Rev. 6: 12) unrivalled and supreme.

      Again the light shone, revealing an atmosphere tinged with a leaden hue which was the precursor of an unparalleled plague whose first symptoms were recognized by a purple spot which appeared on the cheek, or on the back of the hand, and which, invariably enlarged until it spread over the entire surface of the body, producing certain death. Mothers, on sight of it, cast away their children as if they were poisonous reptiles. This plague, in grown persons, rotted the eyes in their sockets and consumed the tongue as would a powerful acid or an intense heat. Wicked men, suffering under its writhing agonies, cursed God and died, as they stood on their feat, and the birds of prey feasted on their carcasses (this is evidence that this plague is not nuclear because the birds of prey feast on dead bodies, if nuclear all forms of life would be dead).

      I saw in my dream the messenger again appear with a vial in his right hand (a vial is evidence that the beginning or opening of the 7th Seal is taking place. There are 7 terrible plagues that are unleashed on the earth during this time period “before” the Lord comes in Glory! He may come on a Sunday April 6th, his birthday and resurrection anniversary. Knowing the “signs before” His coming is key to our preparations… Rev 8:1 measures a period of time when the opening of the 7th seal begins with a “sounding of a trump” and “pouring of a vial” and ends with the last plague coming before the Lord Returns in glory! Rev 8: 1), who addressing me, said: “Thou knowest somewhat of the chemistry taught in the schools of human learning; behold now chemistry sufficiently powerful to change the waters of the sea.”

      He then poured out his vial upon the sea, (Rev. 8:8-9 & Rev. 16:3; this angel is the same angel who sounds (warns) and then pours the vial into the sea. This is in the beginning of the 7th Seal time period, before the Lord Comes D&C 77:12) and it became putrid as the blood of a dead man, and every living soul therein died. Other plagues followed that I forbear to record. (For a detailed account of these plagues in this opening period of the 7th seal, read Revelations 8-22 …note that there are 7 Angels who “sound” (Rev. 8:6) and then “pour” the seven last plagues upon the earth, before the Lord comes in glory which are as follows and take place in the opening part of the 7th Seal:

      Angel 1: “And the first angel sounded and there followed hail and fire mingled” (meteorite showers) a “third part of trees…and all green grass was burnt up.” (Rev. 8:7). “the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and their fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image” (Rev. 16:3).
      Angel 2: “And the second angel sounded …a great mountain burning with fire (volcanoes’) was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood …the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part o f the ships were destroyed” (Rev. 8:8). “And the second angle poured his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man; and every living soul died in the sea” (Rev 16:3).

      Angel 3: “And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star (meteorite) from heaven…and it fell upon the third part of the rivers and fountains of waters…and a third of the waters became Wormwood…and many men died of the waters…(Rev. 8:10-11). And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood” Rev. 16:4-7).

      Angel 4: “And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon…stars…so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise” (Rev. 8:12). And the fourth angel poured out of his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire…” (Rev. 16: 8-9).

      Angel 5: “And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven (meteorite) unto the earth…and the sun and the air were darkened …and their power was to hurt men five months. …whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon (In Greek this name means “Destruction from the stars”) “And it was commanded…that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads… One woe is past; and behold, there come two woes more… (Rev. 9:1-12). “And the fifth angel poured our of his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain, and blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds” (Rev.16:11).

      Angel 6: “And the sixth angel sounded…” (Rev 9:13-21). “And…four angels were loosed, which were bound in the great river Euphrates …for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men… (with)…fire and smoke and brimstone.” “And the sixth angel poured out of his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up…(Rev.16:12-16). “And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy (three and one half years) clothed in sackcloth…The second woe is past…” (Rev.11:1-14). “Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth (meaning to hold sacred your virtue and holiness of character so that your garments remain white) his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon” (Rev.16:15-16).

      A foreign power had invaded the nation which, from every human indication, it appeared would seize the government and supplant it with monarchy. I stood trembling at the aspect, when, lo, a power arose in the west which declared itself in favor of the Constitution in its original form; to this suddenly rising power every lover of constitutional rights and liberties throughout the nation gave a hearty support. The struggle was fiercely contested, but the Stars and Stripes floated in the breeze, and bidding defiance to all opposition, waved proudly over the land. Among the many banners I saw, was one inscribed thus; “The government based on the Constitution, now and forever;” on another “Liberty of Conscience, social, religious and political.”

      (Angel 7: “…the third woe cometh quickly. … a warning. “And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign forever and ever. And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God, Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned. And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.”
      (Revelation 11:14-19). The seventh angel poured “and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.
      And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath. And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great (Revelation 16:18 – 21).

      The light of the gospel (the good news of mans greatest potential…the truth that makes man free) which had but dimly shone because of abomination now burst forth with a luster that filled the earth. (The Lord has come and the millennium period of 1000 years has begun). Cities appeared in every direction, one of which, in the center of the continent, was an embodiment of architectural science after the pattern of eternal perfections, whose towers glittered with a radiance emanating from the sparkling of emeralds, rubies, diamonds and other precious stones set in a canopy of gold and so elaborately and skillfully arranged as to shed forth a brilliance which dazzled and enchanted the eye, excited admiration and developed a taste for the beautiful beyond anything man had ever conceived. Fountains of crystal water shot upward their transparent jets which in the brilliant sunshine, formed ten thousand rainbow tints at once delightful to the eye. Gardens, the perfections of whose arrangements confound all our present attempts or genius, were bedecked with flowers of varied hue to develop and refine the taste, and strengthen a love for these nature’s chastest adornments. Schools and universities were erected to which all had access; in the latter, Urims were placed for the study of the past, present and future, and for obtaining knowledge of the heavenly bodies and of the construction of worlds and universes. The inherent properties of matter, its arrangements, laws and mutual relations were revealed and taught and made plain as the primer lessons of a child. The conflicting theories of geologists regarding the formation and age of the earth were settled forever. All learning was based on eternal certainty. Angles brought forth the treasures of heaven which had lain hid in the womb of the dumb distant past.

      The appliances for making learning easy surpassed all conjecture. Chemistry was rendered extremely simple by the power which the Urims conferred on man of looking into and through the elements of every kind; a stone furnished no more obstruction to human vision than the air itself. Not only were the elements and all their changes and transformations plainly understood but the construction, operations, and laws of mind were thus rendered equally plain as those which governed the coarser elements. While looking through the Urim and Thummim I was amazed at a transformation which even now is to me marvelous beyond description, clearly showing the manner in which particles composing the inorganic kingdom of nature are conducted upward to become part of organic forms; another astounding revelation was a view clearly shown me of the entire circulation of the blood both in man and animals. After seeing these things and gazing once more upon the beautiful city, the following passage of Scripture sounded in my ears; “Out of Zion the perfection of beauty, God shineth.”

      On this I awoke to find all a dream.

  26. The myans mention a significant happening not the end of the world. So really I believe that because the planets will align it is going to cause major whether changes thereby damaging many crops as a resume food shortages. The fact that the economy is bad and people are losing there jobs tells us that things are going to get bad. Social unrest is the next thing to come as so many people are going to be in a position where they will not be able to feed their families which in most cases leads to crime poverty and disease.

  27. My parents were not LDS but they raised and grew all their own food for a family of 10 and left the farm once a month for a few supplies. So it is doable. My earliest memories are of helping Mom, Dad and siblings stock up in times of plenty for the winter months ahead. Now at 55, I have had my food storage in for over 30 years and enough for a lot more then just my family only. I have used on this back-up food supply, many times over the years when in financial stress caused by injury or between jobs. That is partly what it is for. If it goes bad, the animals benefit, nothing is wasted, no big deal. I just buy more. Mostly in bulk. I listened when the Prophets told us to get a years supply of food and get out of debt. Spencer W. Kimbell said, “Just do it!” Over the years, Hunter, Benson, Hinckley, Monson, told as politely as they could, the same thing in different words only. You don’t want to lose a house for a few dollars owing and you most certainly don’t want to starve to death. The lord has said, whether by mine own voice or the voice of my servants it is the same. This is what the Lord wants you to do. No man knoweth the day or the hour of Christs 2nd coming. The word, year, was not included in that verse. People like to guess, but what does it matter. I’ve heard the New Jerusalem will be 7 years in the building when the savior comes. Okay, so what? It hasn’t happened. Joseph Smith was told there will be a space of time between the opening of the 7th seal and the coming of the Lord. Perhaps this amount of time would be in years or a few generations more, not hours or minutes. I don’t care. The longer the better, more time to save souls and polish up your spirit. Some day in the future the church will also implement the law of consecration. Yes folks, that will include our food storage and supplies being divided up as well as our possessions with other members and non members alike. I would assume to keep humans alive and well. Because Sam, Mary and kids were in financial distress prior to the end of days catastrophic events and ate their food storage up and lost their belongings, would it be just, for an LDS to say, I won’t share with them. Rev:6v8 states in part how the pale horseman named Death will kill with sword and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. Will the predatory animal population explode as the human population decreases? Will we become their prey. B of M tells us to protect our families unto the shedding of blood, it doesn’t specify if the treat has 2 legs or 4. Okay, so the righteous will not be immune to the calamities that fall upon mankind. Joseph Smith said if a man was righteous he could sit under an apple tree and watch the millennium roll in. That’s good to hear. There is still a rainbow in the sky. Church leaders encourage members to get a good education, go on missions, get married, start your family, teach them the principals of the gospel and GET A JOB too. I would assume, because life still goes on. 2012 will come and go and you still have to go to work in the morning, you still have to go to school, you will still have to feed the kids and teach them the Gospel and did I mention the Lords voice through his Prophets wants you to grow a garden. I would assume, so you would know how to, if you needed to. Stop listening to the Chicken Littles of the world screaming, here am I, listen to me, the sky is falling and the grid is collapsing. They will drive you crazy with worry and fear. Listening to the Lord through his Prophets is the more peaceful option.

  28. How many prophetic message had been announced in the public in the past and yet not fullfilled? There are many! In year 1978, false prophet announced the end of the time due to they suggested a clash of star that was approaching to the earth and yet it turned up to bypass the earth. In year 2000, flase prophet predicted the clash of the computer system that would cause Amagaddon. Now, 2012.

  29. Recently I heard the news announced that there was a great economy downturn in many countries.  Yet today is 2011 and yet that is prior to 2012.  Many people turn up to be jobless and are eagerly seeking for jobs.  The exchange rate for European currency has been dropped tremendously.  Besides, USA’s economy has never been better off than before and that causes the frustration among the residents.  Yet the headline above has raised the query about 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine.  How could this be applicable to today’s crisis in which many countries would have suffered from economic downturn?  How could the current economic downturn be able to bring about plenty of harvest for 7 years beginning from 2012 and that would contribute to another 7 years of famine?  There is only one possibility and that is there could be a sudden bright change of economy advancement and most people would turn up to be able to find jobs easily in year 2012 and that would enable the immediate commencement of 7 years of plenty.  Does it seem faire tale and that it would not be able to make a great change in year 2012 by looking at the bad situation that people that are confronting with?  7 years of plenty commencing 2012 could never occur unless the Government would do something to brighten our future.So to say!  7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine could never occur.  I could possibly occur in our dream.If there be any possibility of 7 years of plenty since year 2012, all residents of United States would welcome that since many would turn up to find job easily.  Not only that, there would be a rapid recovery of eonomy in the beginning of year 2012.

  30. History surely repeats ! Why ? Because human beings do not know history let alone the scriptures. Further, it has been said that all of man’s trials from the beginning of time till now shall be revisited upon man kind in the Latter-Days which we find ourselves living in today !


  31. USA has already been turned up to have economic crisis even beginning of year 2011  The USA currency has already depreciated since year 2010.  Many countries have suffered economic crisis in year 2011 instead, if you refer to the website, the economic crisis should have commenced as early as year 2007.  Refer to the website address as follows: http://delong.typepad.com/sdj/2009/01/the-financial-crisis-of-2007-2009-causes-consequences–and-possible-cures.html

    From the information above, it seems that there isn’t any 7 years of plenty even even before year 2012. We do not even expect there would be 7 years of plenty after.

  32. Aloha,
    We have been warned from the beginning of time. Even Noah struggled to encourage the people to be prepared. Our islands would struggle the worse because most of our food comes from the boats….no boats, NO FOOD! 7 years of plenty and 7 years of none is “gone”. It’ll be something worse…and it already started…so now what! Don’t worry about what others think; move on it. If you listen to everyone’s opinion you won’t have time for yourself to think, plan and prepare your family. Thought of sharing…I got 2 mintues to share this with you….move on it! Good luck….and remember “store what you eat, and eat what you store.”

  33. Eze 20:29 high place = Obama
    Deu 33:29 The sword = high place
    Jud 4:15 Sword of Barak
    Psa 83:18 Lightning beauty O high place or

    Barak Hussien O bamah < Jesus

  34. Occupy till Jesus comes. Eze 27 the occupied are Assurites (high place people) or obama people, beguiling unsable souls. 2 Pet 2:14

  35. I am surprised some of the comments have taken President Hinckley’s comments way too literally regarding the 7 years of famine and 7 yearss of plenty. It was obvious President Hinckley used this as an example just to illustrate that there are good times and there are bad times.

    Additionally, this article omitted a huge phrase of President Hinckley’s talk. This is what was omitted when he gave the talk in 1998:

    “Now, I want to make it very clear that I am not prophesying, that I am not predicting years of famine in the future,” President Hinckley noted. “But I am suggesting that the time has come to get our houses in order.

    “So many of our people are living on the very edge of their incomes. In fact, some are living on borrowings.

    “We have witnessed in recent weeks wide and fearsome swings in the markets of the world. The economy is a fragile thing. A stumble in the economy in Jakarta or Moscow can immediately affect the entire world. It can, eventually, reach down to each of us as individuals. There is a portent of stormy weather ahead to which we had better give heed.”

  36. I live from payday to payday.. but every payday I add more to our food storage.. what will come will come and only the Lord knows what it is.. it is up to us to be prepared and I know many who are not.. I live in anxiety all of the time because I don’t know how I will be able to feed them.. or if I am even suppose to.. somedays I have no problem with it, other days I am angry.. somedays I say I will feed my neighbors who are not members.. for those who have been warned and do nothing will not have my pity! I spent 40 minutes in churc enouraging them, have tried to teach them to can and dehydrate.. to garden.. very little interest.. I lay awake at night and think of the suffering.. God help us! If someone can help me I would appreciate it!

  37. My family is lds, me not so much. This is going to be an event of a lifetime and rather the world ends or not im not going to miss it. I mean come on a planetary alingment! know one alive can say that they have seen it happen i cant wait 🙂 Dont belive something just cause someone says it will happen so the calender ends big deal it dosent have to mean anything other than it just ends. if something does happen well i guess we will all feel stupid then wont we. economy and disease face it folks we did it to ourselves. be responsible…..cant do anything to stop something from happining. as for oh read the book it tells all…..no it dosent it has a thousand meanings and a thousand different ways to take it. when jan 1 2013 comes we will still be here and guess what you will still have to pay your taxes!

    • It was President Hinckley’s warnings that made me become prepared.. I became serious about it in 1998 and have been every since. It is now a way of life.. my only worry is my synthroid medication.. my doctor does give me a year supply, but what happens after that year is up.. I have tried to find some alternatives as of yet nothing! I know as a young child my mother took iodine but I cannot find any info on how much etc. We are prepared.. I am thankful I listened to the Prophet.. he directed us many times to places and people who were selling something we needed to be prepared! We saved hundreds of dollars. We grow a large garden every year, we can and dehydrate.. and have seeds for gardens for years to come. I have learned how to save seeds.. very important skill! “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear”!

  38. We dont know the day or the hour of are demise,only our Father in heaven knows.We should have nothing to fear if we are prepared spiritually,and temporaly.It doesnt matter what religion you are its just smart thinking to be prepared.When the law of concecration is put into effect it will be to test our abilities,and , are willingness to love and care for others that have not been as blessed as some, it is a true test to see if we are willing to conform to are fathers will so that we may be able to receive a much greater blessing, which is eternal life.Look to are Father in heaven and ask in Jesus Christ name and you shall receive, if you are in tune with the spirit and know how to ask, your prayers will be answerd.Charity,Love,Righteosness is what we all should be practicing.Anything that is good comes from Christ, anything bad or negative comes from Satan.Its that simple,what kind of people are we,look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself what kind of person am i.The signs are here now its not the end,but a new beginning.

  39. In 2009 we had a fire. we moved to another town . I didn’t work on my food storage at all for 2 years . them one day the holy ghost started nudging me to do it, I ignored him and then he got so adamant in his warning he wouldn’t leave me alone until i went to the home storage center for 3 months, monthly and dehydrated some vegetables , then he slacked off. I’m still working on it today. I believe there is a reason . when i joined the church in 1974 ,MY first conference I went to, the leader there said this, “bishops if you dont teach your people food storage, plan on feeding them.” you may have to do without the icing “, or do without the cake all together.” this stayed in my mind all this time.

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