DNA & the Book of Mormon: Summary of Scientific Facts To Date

It is scientifically unsound to claim “DNA science has disproved the Latter-day Saint assertion that the Book of Mormon is historical reality.” Before you buy into that specious argument, get the facts first. Facts are our friends and shouldn’t be shunned.

Here is a summary of the scientific facts to date:

Those who make this claim have not done actual DNA studies that had the premise of being a litmus test the Book of Mormons historical claims. Rather, they have sloppily borrowed other research and cast out unwarranted accusations against the Book of Mormon. Clearly this hardly is a “scientific” approach, as I’m sure you would agree (if you know anything about science in the least, that is).

DNA has supported New World immigrations from Asiatic populace, and to that we say, “So what?” This falls short of disproving the Book of Mormon for several reasons.

1) The Book of Mormon doesn’t deal with all ancient New World peoples. Meaning, the geography and group in the Book of Mormon is very limited, and other peoples were present in the New World before Lehi’s family came over. Take this into account and that means “scientific” conclusions are impossible.

2) We don’t know what Israelite DNA from Lehi’s time looks like. Therefore, without a base line, without knowing what to look for, “scientific” conclusions are impossible.

3) DNA markers can and do disappear. Take into account the combined effects of Genetic Bottleneck, the Founder Effect and Genetic Drift, and that means “scientific” conclusions are impossible.

DNA evidence is not incompatible with a belief that the Book of Mormon is an authentic ancient document. That is the only “scientific” conclusion that can be confirmed at the moment.

Is An Historical Book of Mormon Compatible With DNA Science?

DNA and the Book of Mormon


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