God is the First Scientist

I’m no scientist and the topic of evolution has never interested me per se. My only beef is when people use evolution to claim God does not exist, or that somehow evolution proves the scriptures are not true.

My take is that earth has many phases and different purposes at different times. Just because there was Homo erectus does not mean Homo sapiens must have evolved from them.

Perhaps God allowed these creations to live on earth for a period of time. Then, when it was time to being the phase of mankind as we know it, then the old phase ended and a new one began.

Creation is a continuum, not a single event. This is true temporally as well as spiritually. Consider all the changes the earth has already undergone, i.e., creation, fall, flood, etc. And then consider earths future, e.g., the mighty earthquakes, and the God will bring earths land mass into one before the days it was separated, and the burning and re-creation to a paradisiacal glory only be to go through yet another burning re-creation to its final celestial glory.

Do evolutionists factor in these sudden and mighty changes in earths future? No. And they most certainly do not factor in sudden and mighty changes in earths past either.

Science isn’t nearly as useful in determining truth as is revelation.

For example, who knew more about creation, Darwin or Moses? Darwin only used science to aid his understanding. Moses saw every step and particle in earth’s creation, as well as the universe as a whole.

When there is an apparent conflict between the two, I side with God, believing it the more prudent path

God is the First Scientist. I’ll take his word over the evolutionists any day of the week.


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