Hawkish Gingrich on Regime Change in Iran

Given the sting of the Iraq war, I’m not certain a military option is something I’d support right now. Iran’s higher education students are already calling for democracy and regime change. Though such efforts should be supported and encouraged by the USA, it’s not likely the groundswell of students supporting democracy is going to motivate Mullah to cede power. China did care about what the students had to say, did they?

What that leaves us with is whether or not a military solution is warranted at this time, or any time for that matter. Gingrich would have us believe today is the day Iran needs regime change. However, the reality is that our military is already stretched too thin, so another war front is out of the question, at least until there is significant troop withdrawal from Iraq.

I question whether it’s wise, necessary and prudent to spend all our National strength and effort in foreign conflicts or wars. How defensible are we if a major aggressor wanted to invade the USA? And no, I’m not talking Mexican illegal alien issue! Or, perhaps that is in fact a worthy point.

The proof that America internally suffers is evident by the fact we cannot even protect our borders from foreign invasion, let alone trying to protect all world borders. Some have advocated that we need to use the military to secure the USA/Mexico border. Whatever the merits or lack of merits to such a solution, one thing is certain, our military is stretched thin with it’s current foreign operations supporting the War on Militant Islam (no, it’s not a War on Terror). A Military-Border Guard et al would stretch us even further, perhaps to a breaking point.

I support the Iraq war. But there are limits to our countries capabilities. If moderation in all things is a worthy principle to espouse personally, perhaps it is equally a principle the USA ought to live by. Not all regimes require military intervention. Not all terror supporting countries can be handled via military solutions. Not all worldwide problems require our assistance.

Where is the moderation in the Republican (or Democratic) platform today? I see only extremes from both sides, and that does not set well with me.

Gingrich Calls for Regime Change in Iran
by Robert B. Bluey
Posted Jan 24, 2006

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a potential 2008 Republican presidential candidate, says Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is as great a threat today as German dictator Adolf Hitler was in 1935, and the United States should not wait to help bring about a regime change in Iran.

“If we don’t have a very serious systematic program to replace the government of Iran, we’re going to live in an unbelievably dangerous world,” Gingrich said during an exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS. “This is 1935 and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is as close to Adolf Hitler as we’ve seen. We now know who they are; the question is who we are — are we Baldwin or Churchill?”

…”Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in September 1941, when we sank a German submarine while we were technically at peace, did a nationwide radio address and said, ‘If you are standing next to a rattle snake, you do not have an obligation to wait until it bites you before you decide it’s dangerous.’

…”And I will just say flatly, our objective should be the systematic replacement of this regime,” Gingrich said. “We should start with all-out help to the forces of independence in the country — there are trade union groups, there are student groups — we should in every way we can get them resources. We should indicate without any question that we are going to take the steps necessary to replace the regime and we should then act accordingly. And we should say to the Europeans that there is no diplomatic solution that is imaginable that is going to solve this problem.”


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