Evangelicals Formula Proves LDS are Saved Christian

I’ve been having a bit of fun with a few Evangelicals (EV1 & EV2) and have learned much about how they think.

EV2: Mormons, unfortunatley, are not Christian. They believe in a false Jesus, and believe that you have to “work” for your salvation. They also believe that there are three Gods, when Isaiah clearly says there are is only one God in the entire universe. Abandon Mormonism, and believe that the Bible is THE ONLY TRUE word of God on this Earth. That is the first step.

The second step, if you are sincere (I certainly hope you are sincere), isyou must believe in the REAL Jesus (God in carnate on Earth), admit that you are a sinner and that no works of your own can “buy” your way into heaven, and believe that Christ took your place on the Cross, and bore your sins in his body so you wouldn’t have to. Believe this, and you are Christian. You will be truely transfored.

Hopefully I’ve helped some.

LDS Patriot to EV2: In your formula for salvation, there is no need to leave the LDS Church to be saved. That is illogical, therefore meaningless.

So, let us now see if I can apply your soul-saving formula and once and for all get-saved-and-stay-saved…unless you change the formula on me…again…

…if you are sincere (I certainly hope you are sincere)…

I am, fully 100% sincere…I could not be more deadly serious than I am now…my soul is at stake!

…you must believe in the REAL Jesus (God in carnate on Earth)…

Yes, I believe in the REAL Jesus, God incarnate on Earth.

…admit that you are a sinner…

I am a sinner.

…and that no works of your own can “buy” your way into heaven…

I believe that is a fact, no works of my own can ‘buy’ my way into heaven.

…and believe that Christ took your place on the Cross, and bore your sins in his body so you wouldn’t have to…

I believe that Christ took my place on the Cross, and bore my sins in his body so I wouldn’t have to.

…Believe this, and you are Christian…

I do believe this; therefore, with your blessing I’m sure, I declare that I, LDS Patriot, am a Saved Christian!

EV1: Calling a coffee cup “Christ” and believing in it will not result in Salvation.

EV2: If you don’t, then you believe in a false God, and are thus not saved…If he doesn’t believe in the true Jesus, he isn’t saved.

LDS Patriot to EV1 & EV2: EV1 & EV2, you both are agreed as to the formula how-to-be-saved. Using your formula I am a Saved Christian.

If I am not saved having used your formula, then neither is either of you.

What is sad is that being a new born babe in Christ you seek to abort my born-again status post-new-birth! Rather than welcome me to the fold of Christ as your brother, you reject my Christianity and condemn me still as neither saved nor Christian.

And by such behavior much is revealed about both of you. One might conclude, that notwithstanding your assumed expertise on ‘how-to-saved’ and the fact you assume authority to speak for God (telling us all how-to-be-saved and your incessant need to act in the place of The Judge), that in point of fact your are clueless, deceitful, condescending and smugly self-righteous.

When I in sincerity followed your formula for salvation, then you claim it doesn’t work or did not work as in my case, then your credibility is at stake and questionable, not my salvation or my Christianity.

And there is more. It is a lie to say I do not believe in the ‘true Jesus.’ We all know we are speaking about the same Jesus. What you are merely saying is that our understand of Jesus is different, not that they are two Jesus’; there is only on Jesus. It is illogical as well as dishonest to claim otherwise.

And to insist that my understand match your understanding in order to have the formula applied work for my salvation and Christianity is non sequitur and anti-Biblical. It is non sequitur because it isn’t a Bible standard.

Earlier believers were saved according to the Bible for knowing very little about Jesus Christ. Once the apostle’s et al declared him, and the investigator accepted him, they were according to your formula, saved and Christian.

If these earlier believers can be saved and know very little about Jesus Christ, and not be conversant in advanced Trinitarian concepts, language, etc, than I too can be saved, even if as you claim my views about Jesus are less than perfect. Or do you claim that Jesus’ mercy and grace do not extend that far?

Therefore, by your formula, I declare that I, LDS Patriot, am a Saved Christian!

Lastly, since you provided the formula you must honor it and cease any further insulting, judgmental, condemning language along the lines that I am neither saved nor Christian.

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  1. It’s kinda contradictory in my mind… Here’s what I don’t get.

    If Joseph Smith claimed that all the other churches/denominations since the last apostle died were “abominations of Satan” and “apostate”… why do Mormons insist on wanting to “re-identify” with the historical Christianity and claim to be “Christians”? If Mormonism is really the “restored church” of Jesus Christ… I would assume they would want to qualify and call themselves “the true” Christians if they are to be consistent with their founder. Why identify with a bunch of apostate so-called believers?

  2. Simply because “Christian” and “Mormon” are synonymous.

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