Mormons, non-Mormons clear the air

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Don’t say that, it’s hurtfulSome points of tension named in the letter from organizers of “Bridging the Religious Divide”:
* Referring to the LDS Church simply as “the Church” bothered people of other faiths, as did being referred to as “non-Mormons.”
* The claim that the LDS Church is “the one true church” implies that all other faiths are inferior, and it’s offensive to those of other traditions.
* Proselytizing, though an important part of Mormon practice, makes other Utahns feel expressions of friendship may be contingent upon their openness to joining.
* Many Utahns feel that LDS Church members are unaware of how their church’s dominance culturally and politically gives them a privileged status and how difficult it is for minority voices to be heard.
* Legislation on issues such as same-sex marriage, gay adoption, benefits for unmarried partners and liquor sales seem to some like an exercise in democracy, where the majority rules. Others see it as inappropriately imposing the majority’s moral belief system on every resident.
* Stereotyping Mormons as “obedient, followers or sheep” is offensive and fails to recognize individuality and intelligence.
* Mormons feel that they are targets of disparaging remarks (and at times actions) that offend LDS belief and culture, and that other Utahns do not speak out against such remarks and action
Mormons, non-Mormons clear the airSalt Lake Tribune Feb 5 2006 9:06AM GMT
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  1. I totally agree i don’t think people realize how the other party is feeling when mormons say “one true church or non-mormons” even if they don’t mean to they may hurt the others feelings. I think we should all just quit being so self centered, but it isn’t bad to want to preach because you never know if someone is looking for something else as in the “true church” and even the “true church” is really up to you and how you feel it could be the true church for you but not for the other person it really depends on what you are looking for. To me the Mormon church is the true church, for me, but I think all churches have some truth to them we all worship the same god and the same Jesus Christ, but we all stem in different directions The mormons believe in eternal life and the temple no one else dose. So it really depends on you.

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