Free speech in Europe: mixed rules

“This is what Muslims want – to be treated the same as other faiths,” says Olivier Roy, an eminent scholar of Islamic affairs at the National Center of Scientific Research in Paris.
That sounds perfectly acceptable to me, there should be no discrimination between the various religious faiths. But it begs the questions why would Muslims want this anyway? They certainly do not practice that.
Walter Short argues, “Only by the wildest stretch of the imagination could the situation of non-Muslims under Islamic law be seen as one conferring equal citizenship, whatever Muslim apologists claim. Similarly, only a leap of fantasy could ever believe that such a situation is one that non-Muslims would welcome. The honour, dignity, equality and even the lives of non-Muslims are by no means guaranteed under Islamic law. The Jizyah tax in particular demonstrates the constitutional inferiority and humiliation such a legal arrangement confers. For non-Muslims, it is rather like permanently walking under the sword of Damocles, ready to fall at any moment. If Muslims wish Christians and others to regard an Islamic political order as something attractive, their scholars had best engage in a some heavy work of ijtihad to revise those elements of Islamic jurisprudence and legislation which are particularly offensive to non-Muslims.”
Dhimmi: A Dhimmi, or Zimmi (Arabic ???), as defined in classical Islamic legal and political literature, is a person living in a Muslim state who is a member of an officially tolerated non-Islamic religion. The term literally means person of the dhimma, the security treaty signed with the Muslim state.

Free speech in Europe: mixed rulesThe cartoon debate has spurred charges from Muslims that a double standard is at work.
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