Dutch MP backs Muhammad cartoons…

Appeasing the maruading Muslims and their violence is to reject democratic freedoms.
Dutch MP backs Muhammad cartoons

The Somali-born Dutch MP who describes herself as a “dissident ofIslam” has backed the Danish newspaper that first printed the ProphetMuhammad cartoons. Ayaan Hirsi Ali said it was “correct to publish the cartoons” in Jyllands Posten and “right to republish them”.

Her film-maker colleague Theo van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim extremist in a case that shocked the Netherlands.

Ms Hirsi Ali, speaking in Berlin, said that “today the open society is challenged by Islamism”.

She added: “Within Islam exists a hardline Islamist movement that rejects democratic freedoms and wants to destroy them.”

Ms Hirsi Ali criticised European leaders for not standing by Denmark and urged politicians to stop appeasing fundamentalists.

She also said that although the Prophet Muhammad did a lot of goodthings, his decree that homosexuals and apostates should be killed wasincompatible with democracy.

Somali-born Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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