Anti-Mormonis Definded

I came across the web page of Paul McNabb’s, "Five Signs of an Anti-Mormon".

Do you agree or disagree with Paul’s definition copied below as to what constitutes the qualities and characteristics of an Anti-Mormon?

What parts do you agree with?

What parts do you disagree with?

Paul wrote:

A Brief Discussion of Anti-Mormonism

I will never classify a person as "anti-Mormon" who is defending his own beliefs, no matter how much at odds with LDS beliefs that may be. Contrasting what you believe with LDS beliefs and showing why you think you’re right and the LDS are wrong is, in my book, not anti-Mormon.

People can step over the line and become anti-Mormon, however. (People can step over the line and become anti-anything, of course.) Usually it happens when a person become so passionate about proving Mormonism to be false that he stops being kind, tolerant, patient, and respectful.

Paul McNabb’s Five Signs of an Anti-Mormon

An anti-Mormon is a person who does one or more of the following.

1) Describes Latter-day Saints or LDS leaders as being stupid, insincere, dishonest, or evil.

2) Accuses Latter-day Saints of having a "secret" doctrine or agenda, argues with Latter-day Saints about "what Mormons really believe," or refuses to accept a Latter-day Saint’s description of his beliefs as being valid LDS beliefs.

3) Distorts and mischaracterizes LDS beliefs by presenting beliefs or citations out of context; presents the most unfavorable LDS behaviors or statements as being typical, normative, or authoritative; or presents and mocks LDS beliefs using parody, caricature, and demeaning language.

4) Interferes with Latter-day Saints in their worship and religious practice, such as by picketing Church buildings and events, shouting through bullhorns at LDS gatherings, etc.

5) Uses seminars, books, newsletters, websites, and other forms of mass media to specifically target Latter-day Saints to destroy their faith or to encourage others to do so.

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  1. Well I am not sure I totally understand the reasoning but I like the post a lot! Be sure to enable it thogu. it will work better for you…

    Happy new year!

  2. I think I agree with his list. It would seem you could boil it all down to hate. There’s a guy who whoops out the bull horn at both LDS and Hare Krishna gatherings and he was pretty much full of hate at both gatherings. Everybody’s careening to hell except him, I guess.

    I think it’s just a manifestation of their own self hatred.

    The best thing I have found to do is not play the hate game and just love them to death while at the same time using pure emotionless logic. Good times.

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