Do LDS Idolize Joseph Smith?

Selah on FAIR Message Board wrote, "That to me always seemed like idol worship when the first name out of a person’s mouth was almost ALWAYS Joseph Smith and not Jesus."

I hear what you are saying and there maybe merit to what you say. I do not dismiss outright your opinion.

I do, however, want to provide my personal observations that speaks to this issue. I’m a talk show radio-holic; I’d listen to talk radio 24/7/365 if I could. I listen to everything, including Christian talk radio. I’ve witnessed like parallels amongst some Christian leaders who praise and nearly worship the ground Paul walked on. They drone on and on and on and on incessantly about Paul.

To your point, do these Christian leaders idolize Paul? Given your view point we must conclude that to be the case.

But I do not think so; I do not believe these Christian leaders idolize Paul anymore than LDS idolize Joseph Smith. Why so much emphasis upon these Prophets then? When such emphasis is evident what is the motive in the heart of those who would hold such high regard for these Prophets that it requires such much emphasis?

I’m sure you can answer the question yourself. It is not these Prophets per se that is being held up, but rather the miracle that God wrought through them. In my mind and in my heart, there is no possible way for be to speak about Paul & Joseph without thinking about the God and all that in his mercy and grace he has done for us.

We witness through these great Prophets God’s proximity to us. God isn’t some spirit essence which fills the universe and I’ve no contact with him. Rather Paul and Joseph demonstrate that God is close, and better yet, because God was close to Paul & Joseph, I too can be close to God in like manner.

I see Christ in Paul, so I love to talk about Paul. Likewise, I see Christ in Joseph, so I love to talk about Joseph. It’s all about the miracle of God speaking to man, God speaking to Prophets, God speaking to you and me. That isn’t idolatry, it’s faith and gratitude towards God that we honor His servants the way we do. And that, I’m certain, warms God’s heart to no end.

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