Isaiah Decoded: Ascending the Ladder to Heaven by Avraham Gileadi

Gileadi’s background makes him uniquely qualified to bring to light Isaiah as never before or as know one else can. His contribution to Isaiah is second to none; both in the LDS community and outside the LDS community.

As Nibley is to Book of Mormon research, Gileadi is to Isaiah. He has advanced the keys to unlocking, or decoding Isaiah, in a way hitherto unknown. If McConkie is king of Mormon doctrine, Gileadi is king of Isaiah.

In fact, unless one reads Gileadi’s books on Isaiah, Isaiah will (and the OT and the Plan of Salvation) simply will not be fully appreciated.

Again, it is my opinion, that until on learns about what Gileadi has to say about Isaiah, Isaiah will remain a sealed book.

IMHO, the best book to begin with in taking on his work is "Isaiah Decoded: Ascending the Ladder to Heaven by Avraham Gileadi."

"The Literary Message of Isaiah" was his doctorate thesis. Some have criticized is as being too technical, and as a result the message was getting buried. So the audience for "The Literary Message of Isaiah" is fulltime scholars.

"Isaiah Decoded: Ascending the Ladder to Heaven" is the layman?s book of "The Literary Message of Isaiah." It was written to summaries the salient points in "The Literary Message of Isaiah" minus all the details and with language the average LDS in mind; it?s an easier and more enjoyable read.

Isaiah Decoded: Ascending the Ladder to Heaven by Avraham Gileadi
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For the first time, a Bible scholar fully integrates the Old and New Testaments. Dr. Avraham Gileadi reveals the Book of Isaiah as the key to these two seemingly incompatible books of scripture, taking both to an unprecedented level of understanding. Hitherto unseen literary features change the rules for interpreting the prophecy of Isaiah, showing it to be an allegory of the end of the world. Isaiah’s "good news" teaches us God’s higher law and how God enables us to ascend to heaven. By living God’s law, we are reborn on even higher levels of a spiritual "ladder" until we are privileged to pass through heaven’s gate. For centuries, people have tried to make sense of Isaiah’s writings, not realizing that sophisticated literary structures both conceal and reveal a major prophecy about our time. Now, decades of scriptural analysis by Avraham Gileadi, a leading Bible scholar, are simplified for the lay reader in Isaiah Decoded. Hardback.

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