War on Terror: Rename it the War on Militant Islam.

Al Qaeda = The Base, pronounced al-Ka-ee-da, not al-Kay-da

Weare not at war with al Qaeda, we are at war with Militant Islam. The”War on Terror” should really be called the “War on Militant Islam.”

Seethis very informative and well written article, At War With Whom? Ashort history of radical Islam by Jonathan Schanzer Doublethink Spring2002: At War With Whom? A short history of radical Islam by Jonathan Schanzer Doublethink Spring 2002

Dr.Pipes said, “So, the President turns to me and asks: “Tell me thenext steps I must take in the War on Terror in general and in Iraq inparticular,” and I reply as follows.

War on Terror: Renameit the War on Militant Islam. Just as a physician must identify adisease before treating it, so a strategist must identify the enemybefore defeating it. What would World War II have looked like had FDRnamed it the War against Surprise Attacks?”

Dr. Leiken said, “Iagree with Daniel Pipes – the war on terrorism or terror is amisleading phrase. It could lead to the conclusion that the terroristshang together and can be counted on to cooperate – like Saddamand Osama. It could lead to the view that people become terrorists andthen decide which flavor to adopt. No, terror is a tactic that has beenattached to a variety of opposed ideologies: nationalist, anarchist,Communist, Nazi, fascist, Islamist etc. Terrorism like war is anextension of a specific politics. Very early Daniel Pipes wrote thatthe ideology and politics we should focus on was radical Islam.” Frontpagemag.com Symposium: The War on Terror. How Are We Doing? (Continued)

Not only can we as a National call it like it is, we must!

When Political Correctness is of greater value than reality, truth and National Security, then we are just being plain stupid.

Iagree 100%! with Osama bin Laden’s own definition of what his al Qaedaare all about and what they ought to be called, mujahedin: jihadwarriors: in other words, Militant Islam!

As Robert Spencerwrote, “Osama bin Laden and other radical Muslims around the world haveunanimously stated that they are not indiscriminate purveyors of mayhem– terrorists — but mujahedin: jihad warriors. They have declaredagain and again that they are fighting to unify the Islamic peopleunder a restored caliphate, and to establish the hegemony of Islamiclaw over the reunified umma, as well as over the non-Muslim world. Indoing this, they say, they are acting in complete accord with thecommandments of their religion, which mandates warfare againstnon-Muslims in order to establish Islamic rule. And they have declaredthat in this struggle, the United States is their principal foe.

Why not take them at their word? Why not acknowledge that the war on terror is a defensive action against global jihadists?”

See Robert Spencer’s article: End War on Terror. Fight War on Mujahedin:
Humaneventsonline.com End War on Terror. Fight War on Mujahedin. by Robert Spencer Posted Feb 19, 2004

You think al Qaeda is bad, check out the Muslim Brotherhood!
Humaneventsonline.com We Are Not Fighting Just Al Qaeda by Robert Spencer Posted May 27, 2004

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  1. Yes, you named it right, LDS Patriot. See my post about tonight’s State of the Union speech at http://sadbastards.wordpress.com.

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