Spy or Die?

Spy or die?

It seems to me to be fairly clear: catch the bad guy before he can kill you.

If spying works, if tapping works, why not?

Because, rights-obsessed PC blinded people care more about so called “rights” than they do about life.

I think the right to live is a higher right than so called privacy rights.

Some people just don’t get it!

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Using All the Tools
By Mortimer B. Zuckerman

…Critics, in both the Democratic and Republican parties, charge that such NSA operations are illegal without warrants. Such arguments miss the point. What is relevant is how to develop a system that empowers government to monitor potential threats in the most agile, timely way possible while reassuring the public that it is not abusing its powers.

How? Unelected judges are not the answer. Warrants that aren’t required for listening to terrorist communications in Iraq or Afghanistan should not be needed to listen to a terrorist abroad calling a potential plotter inside the United States.

As I argued last week, there are issues that should have bipartisan support, and this is one of them. To this end, the president must delegate someone trusted by Congress to come up with a sustainable bipartisan solution exempting data mining from the constraints of FISA while providing for appropriate congressional oversight. This will require good-faith negotiations between the White House and Congress. Staff members from the congressional intelligence committees, with the benefit of joint legal counsel, could be assigned to the NSA, fully briefed on all its operations so they can report back to the committee members. We must act at once, for the revelations about the NSA program have already alerted the terrorists to change their ways.


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