Democrats Distraught By Divisions

What is the Official Democratic party position on Iraq? For it? Against it? For it before they are against it? Against it before they are for it? Who knows these days what the party believes.
What message do the Democrats have for America besides pure anti-Bush tripe? Nothing, not a darn thing in the least. CryingCrats, nails on a chalkboard.
The Left doesn’t control all press, nor all the T.V. news broadcasts, nor the internet, and this is a contributing factor to their downfall. Sorry, Soros, as last election proved, your efforts to influence opinion and buy an election failed quite miserably, didn’t it? I doubt you will fair any better this coming Presidential Election, but I sure enjoy watching you flush your money down the toilet.
As Webb says, “The American left has faded away. Only their bumper stickers remain, like cockroaches after a nuclear holocaust. ‘Re-defeat George Bush,’ they whine. Not knowing, not caring that the world has changed.”
Al Gore
Grumpy, whining, Gore.
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