Militant Islamic Terrorist Controling American Ports?

The UAE may very well be a staunch ally in the war on terror. But the fact remains, many Arabs are terrorist, bent on destroying Westerners at every turn.
It seems logical that Militant Islamic terrorist could gain easier access into American ports if the UAE does takeover shipping giant P&O.
It is one thing for a for-profit company (even a foreign company at that) to handle the services of our ports. It is all together something entirely different when a foreign government is handling the servicing of our ports.
That should make all reasoning American’s feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea.
Republican and Democrat politicians argue that the US would be more vulnerable to terrorism after the takeover, which would hand control of 21 US ports to a firm from the United Arab Emirates.
Dock workers protesting against the P&O takeover
The takeover of P&O has come up against stiff resistance in the US
Freight being unloaded at the Port of Philadelphia
New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami, Philadelphia
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