Mitt Romney Will Not Win GOP

Have you ever seen Mitt Romney in an interview? He is sharp, very well spoken, and confident, dare I say Presidential. But he cannot win the GOP nomination.

Why do I say that? Too many Right-Wing-“Christians” to be exact. These “Christians” who put Bush into office will not tolerate a Mormon to be President. The anti-Mormon campaign…”LDS are not Christians”…has proven a very effective marketing campaign of the so called “Christian” community. Non-LDS Christians will not put their faith, money, and vote behind a member of a “cult”.

They have been fully brainwashed to distrust all-things-LDS. The bias of all-things-LDS runs too deep for them to overcome. This is true because of the nature of their shallow evangelical mindset, theological errors, and especially their anti-intellectual blinded-by-the-faith-of-bigotry perceptions.

Given that sad reality, Romney will not win the GOP nomination.

We will not have a Mormon President until God brings forth the Political Kingdom of God, which can only happen after America fully implodes from within, meaning, the end of the federal and state government. Only then will the America, and the rest of the world, ready for a Mormon to lead them politically.

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Posted on March 8, 2006, in News and politics. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I think a lot of people will vote against Romney because of his Mormonism.
    I also think a lot of people like you will vote for him because he is mormon.
    I see no difference in each side.

  2. I shoud add I am not Mormon, but have been educating myself about it since I heard that Romney is most likely running.
    To be honest I am shocked at some of the things I have read about certain beliefs.
    I just don’t see how its possible for Romney to win, based on his record on abortion and gun control. His faith is the lesser of his negatives.

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