Democrats Vultures. Leaders Not!

The Democrats are acting like vultures, hovering & squawking, eager to eat the flesh off the bones of Bush. Like vultures, they would put to death the wounded or sick President if they could.

These Democratic scavengers are swooping low and squawking loud in the political battlefield, hoping to gorge themselves upon any mistake or error the Bush Administration makes, filling their crop and disgorging it back to anyone who will feed upon it.

Like all cowardly birds of prey, the rapacious and opportunistic Democratic vultures have nothing genuine to offer or have any intrinsic value or beauty other than picking the meat off of dead carcasses.

But Bush isn’t dead yet. A lame-duck is still a living duck.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrats have seized on the collapse of the Dubai ports deal to buttress their case that George W. Bush is an incompetent president unable to get the job done at home or abroad.

“Forget the compassionate conservative,” said Democratic Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, in a reference to Bush’s 2000 campaign slogan. “Some of us would settle for just a competent conservative at this point.”

“They’re saying he’s really not up to the job in terms of capability,” said Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer of New York. “There’s no chief operating officer in the White House. There’s not anyone there making sure the government works day to day and they’re finally learning that it catches up.”

Kerry called the port situation a “case study in the administration’s incompetence.”

[Republican rebuttle] “We are a party that is moving forward on a record of accomplishment, a record of results,” McClellan said.

The Republican National Committee fought back with a new Web ad entitled “Find the Leader,” featuring clips from Reid and Kerry as well as other Democrats, including Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Joseph Biden of Delaware and Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts.

“So who is the leader of the Democrat Party?” the spot asks. “No one seems to know.”

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