Repbulican Party Without Bush

Winning and leading the war on terror, reducing the deficit, smaller government, securing our borders, getting a handle on illegal immigration, improving federal leadership during natural disasters, keeping the economy headed in the right direction, tax reduction, are all topics the new GOP leadership will have to shine on.

While McCain and Giuliani are leading the pack, I do not believe either can win the GOP nomination for ’08. And in an earlier post I summarize why I believe Romney can’t win either. I hope I am wrong about Romney, but I seriously doubt it.

That means a new GOP leader will have to climb to the top leadership slot out of necessity for survival of the GOP party. I hope Condi Rice puts her name in the hat. She can win the GOP nomination and defeat any Democrat the DNC puts forth. ’08 will be an interesting race to be sure.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee (Reuters) – Republican contenders for the White House walked a political tightrope at a weekend gathering of party activists — expressing solidarity with President George W. Bush while stressing differences over issues such as deficits and big government.

While praising Bush’s leadership, they condemned runaway government spending, rising debt and expanding bureaucracies — which have grown under Bush and added to a flood of political difficulties that have sent his approval ratings plummeting.

David French, a Columbia, Tennessee, lawyer, said he backed Romney because he was a conservative who could work with opponents in heavily Democratic Massachusetts.

“In ’08 we need a standard bearer who is not going to be in the same mold as Bush,” French said. “People are tired of the polarization. In Romney, you have someone who is articulate, charismatic and believes what the heartland believes.” Source

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