Mitt & The Mormon Factor

Katheleen Parker wrote a mostly positive OpEd in the Orlando Sentinel on Mitt Romney.

It is the last three sentences that are revealing, “So, what is wrong with this guy, anyway? Oh, yeah. He’s a Mormon.”

“I’m home, Dear . . . and Dear . . . and Dear”, Kathleen Parker, COMMENTARY

Otherwise, his strategy is to shift focus away from Mormon doctrine and theological differences to shared values. Unlike some candidates who quote scripture to establish their religious bona fides, Romney walks the walk. “Family values” isn’t just a campaign slogan; family values define his life. He married his high-school sweetheart, and together they raised five sons.

Whatever Romney’s Mormon distinctions, he is a social conservative and has fought most of the important battles on his home turf, from same-sex marriage to cloning to stem-cell research. He’s pro-life, though he promised during his gubernatorial campaign that he wouldn’t do anything to change abortion laws if elected. And he’s got a track record of “competent conservatism,” as some of his admirers have put it.

When Romney became governor of

Massachusetts, for example, the state had a $3 billion deficit. Today, Romney can boast a $1 billion surplus. Moreover, he’s filed legislation that would ensure health-insurance coverage for every citizen in his state. He also is pushing for education reforms that would force parents to be better partners with schools in low-performing districts.

“Force” is perhaps too strong a term, but “voluntary” doesn’t quite cover it either. As proposed, parents who receive state child-care funds — and whose children are in underperforming districts — would have to attend a couple of weekend parenting seminars. Source

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