Mormon in Legal Gay Marriage Faces Excommunication

It may be the first same-sex marriage excommunication that will happen, but it will not be the last.

Jeppson wants to eat his cake and have it too. What he wants is incompatible with the LDS faith, of which Jeppson is fully aware. In other words, Jeppson somehow thinks he can disregard LDS Church standards and maintain LDS Church membership and all the blessings which flow therefrom.

Effectively, Jeppson, you are walking in your own path (standards), creating your own faith (religion) modeled after your own image (gay), thus creating your own version of the gospel (gay practice OK); in short, and you have created your own personal ok-to-practice-gay-lifestyle-god, i.e., a gay-god. You are convinced this gay-god of yours would approve and condone and bless your chosen lifestyle which is why you still seek to worship with the LDS.

But that isn’t where you stop. Instead, you think your lifestyle should be compatible with the LDS Church, and you want the LDS Church to accept your chosen lifestyle, or at least that is what you are arguing. And since you will not resign your membership voluntarily, it’s easy for you and your gay supporters hereafter to position you as the victim and the LDS Church as the villain or bad guy in all this.

Sorry, Jeppson, that is wishful & seriously delusive thinking on your part. You can’t have it both ways, you know it and you know that the Church knows it. The Church is not, nor should it be, interested in changing its standards, principles, practices and doctrines because you have chosen to walk by your own self-created standards, principles practices, doctrines and god. You know full well, Sir, your chosen lifestyle is incompatible with membership in the LDS Church.

Be a man, Jeppson, and do the right thing by taking responsibility for your choices and your chosen lifestyle. Resign your membership immediately.

D&C 1: 15-16:

15 For they have strayed from mine ordinances, and have broken mine everlasting covenant;

16 They seek not the Lord to establish his righteousness, but every man walketh in his own way, and after the image of his own god, whose image is in the likeness of the world, and whose substance is that of an idol, which waxeth old and shall perish inBabylon, evenBabylonthe great, which shall fall.

Mormon in Legal Gay Marriage Faces Cutoff —

It is believed that if Jeppson is excommunicated, it would be the first time a Mormon in a legal, same-sex marriage was punished by the church, said Olin Thomas, executive director of Affirmation, an advocacy and education group for gay Mormons.

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  1. Is the ten commandments a ranking system, then? So, people who lie and deceive, they don’t get automatically excommunicated, but people who are gay are assumed to have made a choice and therefore are punished? Hmm… I fail to see how they could be perceived as more sinful than someone else. They’re in a marriage, they love the person, they’re human, god forgives them- or are people in a heterosexual marriage somehow better than someone who isn’t? From what I’ve seen, many het marriages involve abusive spouses and I therefore doubt that simply being heterosexual makes you a better person in god’s eyes. But hey, that’s just me. Thinking for myself. As god intended, I assume, or why have people at all?

  2. Homosexual behavior is an abomination in the eyes of God, just like heterosexual fornication or adultery. It doesn’t matter whether a gay is legally married or not. Would the Church condon murder if that was legalized? I don’t think so. In ancient times, under God’s direction those who committed adultery, homosexual acts, or had sex with animals were put to death. That is how He feels about it. And that is how we should feel about it too. Modern prophets have reaffirmed what has been taught to God’s covenant people since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden: Sexual sin is second only to murder in the eyes of God. If you don’t believe me, look it up for yourself. Many scriptures speak about this hideous sin. And so have many of the modern prophets. God is not going to change his definition of moral and immoral just to be politically correct. The modern gay rights movement may be able to corrupt the popular culture, but then cannot corrupt God. And as long as His prophets follow Him, they cannot corrupt the prophets either.

    If God does not allow heterosexuals to commit abominations, it is only fair that he does not allow homosexuals to commit abominations either. We all have equal rights in the eyes of God, and we also have equal responsibilities to go along with those rights. Our responsibility is to keep the commandments. And when we don’t, we are covenant breakers, those who break their promises to God.

    Shame. Shame on all those who commit abominations. They do not deserve to associate with decent people. And in the next life, they will have to associate only with their own kind.

  3. I am not aware of a single passage in modern LDS scripture that explicitly condemns homosexuality. Those biblical passages which appear to condemn are, with a single possible exception, problematic. And yet, the articles of faith qualify the LDS acceptance of the Bible to ‘as far as it is translated correctly.’ If the leaders of the LDS Church are bound by the scriptures in the doctrines they declare, I would submit that their condemnation of homosexuality presents a problem for them.

    In any case, this issue is far from the black and white one you try to make it out to be. It is a problem. Those who are more thoughtful, even if they think homosexuality is simply a sin, are in no rush to condemn the people who struggle with it. If Brother Jeppson were simply to resign his membership, he would rob us all of a necessary struggle. The leaders of the Church have a chance to stand up for what they believe, regardless of any opposition to it. They can discipline Brother Jeppson and show us their resolve to stick by the truth as they see it. If we are mired in false doctrine on the issue (on either side), we need to be corrected.

    I think Brother Jeppson is being a man. He is standing up for what he believes in. His conviction in what he believes to be true is no more a failure of his manhood than his homosexuality is. In short, it is not a failure. Just because he is gay and believes differently, does not make him less of a man. I admire his courage in tenaciously hanging onto his membership in the LDS Church. It shows that he really values his faith. Manhood should be measured by our courage to stand up for our beliefs, whether we are in error or not.

  4. For a list of doctrinal and legal issues to SUPPORT civil same-sex marriage, please visit our would LOVE to hear your comments.

  5. My opinion on this is rather umbrella in its approach.

    Ultimately, The Plan is to pattern our lives to become like God the Father, in thought, word and deed. Anything that persuades or directs me away from that end goal, is probably something I should avoid, or choose to engage in to my detriment. As making correct God-like choices will lead to covental blessing, so to will detrimental choices result in covenantal cursings (see OT for examples). And, if I were truly my brother’s keeper, I would be actively engaged in encouraging and supporting mankind, my neighbors, my family et all to do likewise.

    That mindset should be pervasive and govern my behavior, helping me chart an undeviating course, as it were. As I am still here in mortality, I clearly fall short. Nevertheless, that is the yardstick by which I will ultimately be measured, IMO.

    Given that mindset, in the simplistic, I would choose to not partake in drugs, as they would derail my course. Refusing to study the scriptures would also derail me. Not praying with energy, the same result. Choosing to not be baptized by one in authority, for example, not only forgoes the covenantal blessing of being made clean and qualifying me to return to the presence of the Father, but it also brings about the covenantal (eternal) cursing of being cast out of his presence. When I choose to have a civil marriage, rather than be sealed by one in authority, I choose to forego the covenantal blessing of dominions, principalities, and eternal lives, as well as choose the covenantal cursing of not entering into His rest, and be like him: One who’s Glory is added upon by the immortality of eternal lives.

    Since I would not wish that covenantal cursing on myself, why would I actively encourage it for others? Should I not seek to encourage (heterosexual) others to seek after these covenantal blessings of eternal lives, for only they have the ability to procreate eternal lives. By extension then, why would I actively encourage the covenantal cursings to be distributed upon the heads of those who are homosexual by encouraging them to engage in a relationship which at best, lasts only for time, and at worst, blinds and derails them from their most cherished desire?

    I know that it is their cherished desire because they are mortal—and once, they wanted to be Like Him so much, that they kept their First Estate and voted for The Plan.

    Rather than assisting in their eternal demise by supporting same-sex marriage that leads them nowhere, I should love my brother and sister enough to encourage them along the path to exaltation.

    I am not in possession of all the FACTS in this particular instance, however, no one is excommunicated for “being gay.” One CAN be excommunicated for immoral BEHAVIOR, whether heterosexual or homosexual–the standard is the same.

    Just my .02

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