Political Labels: Up or Down v. Right or Left

I don’t view political parties by the standard labels of “right” or “left”, “conservative” or “liberal.” These tired, old, wornout terms are loaded with biases, prejudices, preconceptions and baggage, with all good, bad and ugly that implies. Each passing day these labels become less and less meaningful, serving as a pejorative to hurl at ones opposition more than a anything else. So I’ve drawn up a different map to reference and created a different compass that I use to navigate the political battlefield and its minefields.

I vision a flagpole on which Old Glory is raised. The flag symbolizes to me the ideals and principles of liberty contained within the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the gospel, the ideal balance between government and religion. Thus, I view political parties, platforms, policies, etc., as either moving Up towards the ideal or moving Down away from the ideal.

I apply the idiom “run (something) up the flagpole” to test the idea, measure, party, policy, etc., and create my response or opinion from a principle based standard as opposed to a party line. Using that metaphor I can more easily judge all political matters from a non-partisan vantage point & analysis, and decide whether it’s moving us either Up the flagpole towards the ideal or Down the flagpole away from the ideal.

Using the 80/20 rule, I believe the Republican party is Up 80% of the time, whereas the Democrat party is Down 80% of the time.

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