Two Kindoms Of God

Duane S Crowther’s book “Prophecy”, first published in 1962 has a very interesting chapter entitled “The Establishment of the God.”


When law, order, and government collapse in the Untied States, the Church will be compelled to establish a government to preserve peace in the in the Western United States.

This government will be known as the The Kingdom of God. A problem in terminology arises because of this political organization will be called the Kingdom of God. The early Church leaders taught that the government the Saints was to establish was to be apart from the Church.

That is to say, there are two Kingdoms of God. The first kingdom of God is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is Christ’s church on earth, often referred to as the kingdom of God on earth. And the second kingdom of God is the yet to be created and organized political Kingdom of God, which is not the LDS Church, rather, a new political party, an independent party which shall be officially called the Kingdom of God; a new government which will be base upon the US Constitution. This new US Constitution has already been written by Joseph Smith and is in the position of the Church.

Crowther outlines the chapter The Establishment of the Kingdom of God.


  1. The (political kingdom yet to be organized) was first organized by Joseph Smith shortly before his death.
  2. It was to be governed by a “General Council” which was also called the “Council of Fifty.”
  3. This organization played an important part in the Westward exodus of the Church, but became a source of antagonism to the non-members in the West and so it was discontinued by the Church.

Characteristics (When it is organized in the future.)

  1. The Kingdom of God will be led by a Council of Fifty. Some of them might not be Latter-day Saints.
  2. It will uphold the rights of men of all creeds and will be dedicated to rule justly.
  3. The Kingdom will be a theocracy.
  4. It will uphold the principles of the United States Constitution and be somewhat similar in method of operation to the present United States Government.
  5. In the Kingdom will be include people of all nations.

Future (The future will progress through three stages of growth.)

  1. The beginning stage-The Saints will be in the West (Utah). Here the influence of the Kingdom will be relatively limited and unknown.
  2. The growth stage-During this period many of the Saints will journey from the West to establish the New Jerusalem. There the Kingdom of God will rise in power, not by waging war on other nations, but by being a standard of peace and lawfulness while other governments collapse through corruption and war.
  3. The world-ruling stage-This period will commence with the second coming of Christ and will take place during the Millennium.

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