Star Wars to be a TV series

Cool! Star Wars will be a TV series in 2008.

Star Wars series to run and run

The TV series spin-off of the Stars Wars film franchise will run to at least 100 episodes, according to producer Rick McCallum.

He told BBC Radio 1 the writing team would soon be meeting to start on the project, which would begin filming in 2008 and be ready the same year.

“Hopefully if we can make it work and everybody’s excited and watches it we will keep on going,” said McCallum.

The series will be set between episodes three and four of the film saga.

It would cover the 20 years in the life of Luke Skywalker growing up that remains a mystery to most film-goers.

McCallum said there would be “a whole bunch of new characters” and the series would be “much more dramatic and darker”. Story from BBC NEWS

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  1. Well, I don't think this is a good idea: the story is perfect as it is now, they might [mess] up everything with this… 😕

  2. I have a bad feeling about this…

    It could be done well. I really hope they don’t have ANY of the other charicters from the movies, including Yoday, Ob1, Luke etc. Following senator Bail Organa might be fine, possibly Wedge Antilles.

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