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1. Evolution and Latter-day Saint Theology: The Tree of Life and DNA. (28 February 2006)
Trent D. Stephens addressed issues relating to evolution, Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden in his 2003 FAIR Conference presentation.

2. Autobiographical Notes on My Testimony. (28 February 2006)

In his 2004 FAIR Conference presentation, Daniel C. Peterson discusses how he came to be involved in apologetics and why the Gospel is so important.

3. Behind the Mask, Behind the Curtain: Uncovering the Illusion. (2 February 2006)

Brant Gardner's excellent review of the anti-Mormon video The Bible vs. the Book of Mormon from Living Hope Ministries.

4. The Book of Mormon vs. the Critics: Nit-Picking for Fun and Profit. (31 January 2006)

Don Neighbors looks at attacks against the Book of Mormon based on language, grammar, and corrections to the translated text.

5. George Q. Cannon and the Apostates. (31 December 2005)

Davis Bitton summarizes President George Q. Cannon's statements on why people apostatize and how apostates should be viewed.

6. Shining New Light on the Mountain Meadows Massacre. (31 December 2005)

In his 2003 FAIR Conference presentation, Gene Sessions discussed the Mountain Meadows Massacre and how the story of the horrific event is often distorted by anti-Mormon authors.

7. Polygamy, Prophets, and Prevarication: Frequently and Rarely Asked Questions about the Initiation, Practice, and Cessation of Plural Marriage in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (30 November 2005)

Gregory Smith takes a thorough look at many of the issues relating to polygamy that are used by anti-Mormon critics.

8. Education, Scholarship, and Mormonism. (30 November 2005)

Scott Gordon examines various statistics relating to how educational level relates to Church activity and belief.

9. The Children of Lehi: DNA and the Book of Mormon. (30 November 2005)

D. Jeffrey Meldrum addresses many of the issues relating to the recent DNA controversy about the Book of Mormon in this presentation at the 2003 FAIR Conference.

10. Anti-Mormon protesters at the October 2005 LDS General Conference. (31 October 2005)

See the most recent photo essay of anti-Mormon protesters at General Conference.

11. Archaeological Evidence and the Book of Mormon. (31 October 2005)

Michael Ash examines the anti-Mormon criticism about the availability of archaeological evidence supporting the Book of Mormon.

12. Do We Have the Potential to become Like God? (30 September 2005)

Michael Fordham identifies Biblical evidence that supports the LDS view of deification.

13. Historic Archaeology and the Geographic Imperative. (30 September 2005)

John Tvedtnes examines the role of geography in Biblical archaeology and discusses its importance for Book of Mormon archaeology.

14. As Things Stand at the Moment: Responding to Martha Beck's Leaving the Saints. (30 September 2005)

Boyd Petersen gave the 2005 FAIR Conference attendees an update on some issues surrounding Beck's book.

15. What I Learned about Life, the Church, and the Cosmos from Hugh Nibley. (31 August 2005)

Boyd Petersen shares life's lessons learned through the life of Hugh Nibley, from the 2005 FAIR Conference.

16. Reflections on Secular Anti-Mormonism. (31 August 2005)

Daniel Peterson's 2005 FAIR Conference presentation looks at the new wave of anti-Mormonism that is currently most popular with antagonistic critics.

17. 'Believest thou…?': Faith, Cognitive Dissonance, and the Psychology of Religious Experience. (31 August 2005)

Wendy Ulrich presents a profound look at how we use our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual experiences to build our faith in God. (From the 2005 FAIR Conference.)

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