Health Care Plan Gives Romney Boost in GOP Field

Health Care Plan Gives Romney Boost in GOP Field

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s chances in the presidential sweepstakes have just gone from “decent” to “excellent.” By successfully brokering legislation that promises to “solve” the health care problem in Massachusetts, Romney has instantly become, in President Bush’s long-since-forgotten slogan from 2000, a “reformer with results.” …

Romney’s religion is another sticking point. The conservative press has, with only rare exceptions, underestimated the extent to which his Mormon beliefs will prove a liability in key primary states, among them South Carolina. As Amy Sullivan argued last year in the Washington Monthly, evangelical unease with Mormonism runs very deep. Indeed, it’s quite possible that what can only be described as anti-Mormon sentiment cost former Republican congressman Matt Salmon the Arizona governor’s office in 2002. Call it bigotry or old-fashioned identity politics, the Mormon Church will be issue, whether publicly or behind-the-scenes.

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