If Bill died today, would Hillary’s presidential hope die as well?


While reading Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Condi vs. Hillary The Next Great Presidential Race, it got me thinking along the lines of, "If Bill died today, would Hillary's presidential hope die as well?"

Without a doubt, Bill has a tremendous impact upon Hillary's presidential aspirations for 2008. Bill is her chief adviser, and as new first husband would become live-in presidential help, and some would see it as a Bill Clinton 3rd term.

How Bill helps Hillary:

– As an example and coach how to appear to move to the center, if not by voting record, by press conferences and verbiage

– Talk about values

– Appear united, that Bill stands by her Women

– Keep Bill quite about policy especially when it is opposed to Hillary's

– Bill coaches her out to be more likeable and charming

– Bill coaches her not to ignore the role of religion

– Bill's presence assuages fear in Hillary's lack of administrative ability, foreign policy, and the ability to handle a crisis

– Bill's successes as a president will somehow become her successes, stealing as much Bill Glory as she can sell to the Clinton fatigued public. She has and will take far more credit than is owed her. As Morris puts it, "Now, however, the wraps are coming off. The former first lady constantly rattles off lists of accomplishments from the years of her husband's presidency, appropriating them as her own record, while contrasting them with what she considers the negatives of Bush's tenure. She contrasts Bill's robust record of job creation with Bush's anemic performance. She compares the years of balanced budgets in the Clinton White House with the swelling deficits of the Bush tenure…Hillary's language always includes an implicit, unstated assumption: that they are, in part, her own. She deliberately fudges the boundaries between the Clintons to write his achievements on her resume." (Morris)

– Bill is a "useful surrogate in fund-raising, parrying opposition attacks, and inveighing against her opponent. He is her heavy artillery, brought out when the going gets tough." (Morris)

Hillary is not a centrist, though she is certainly trying to re-create herself as one. This new false-face-lift is right out of Bill's political playbook. But the proof is in the pudding, and one need look no further than Hillary's voting record to get the truth about whether she is a left-leaning liberal at heart, or a new-found centrist.

Morris says in his book, Hillary vote records reveals she is "supporting her party position 97 percent of the time in 2004, 93 percent in 2003, 98 percent in 2002, and 96 percent in 2001…The AFL-CIO says she voted in line with their views 100 percent of the time in 2001, and 2004 and backed their opinions 92 percent of the time in 2002 and 85 percent in 2003…The liberal bellwether group the Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) similarly applauds Hillary's voting record, giving her a 95 percent score for each of her of her first four years in the Senate. And Hillary's record, according to the ADA, was markedly more liberal than the Democratic Party's as a whole." (Morris)


But Hillary's strategy does not end with a move to the center and an embrace of the military. She has a multipurpose ace in the hole: her husband, the former president of the United States , Bill Clinton…

Bill plays an enormous role in Hillary's quest for the Oval Office. Not only is he her major adviser, cheerleader, and fund-raiser, he is also a living reminder to the Democratic voters who adored him that he, too, would be back in the White House if she were elected president. With him by her side, a third Clinton administration is within her reach. (Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Condi vs. Hillary The Next Great Presidential Race)

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  1. I believe the death of Bill Clinton could derail Hillary’s Presidential ambitions. Bill humanizes Hillary. Whenever I saw Bill Clinton in public, he seemed like a fish in water, very much in sync with the public environment. Not so with Hillary. She’s naturally a cold, clinical individual who must obviously force herself to “grip and grin” in public. The two are symbiotic; Hillary gives Bill backbone, and Bill gives Hillary humanity.

    This is why I believe that we did choose our parents, spouses, close friends (and perhaps enemies?), and even kids in the spirit world before coming down here. Bill knew he needed someone in his life like Hillary to give him backbone, and Hillary knew she needed Bill’s P.R. qualities to humanize her.

    Another politician who was notoriously ill at ease with the public was Richard Nixon. Let’s put it this way; if George W. Bush had Nixon’s personality, he’d been impeached and convicted during his first term for the situation in Iraq and his failure to protect our borders.

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