The 10 Most Harmful Government Programs

What I like about this survey and it’s findings is how Human Events broke down each policy by Score, Started when, By whom, Why, What it does, Constitutional provision.

  1. Social Security
  2. Medicare
  3. Income Tax Withholding
  4. McCain-Feingold
  5. (Tie). Contraceptive Funding
  6. (Tie). Farm Subsidies
  7. Medicaid
  8. Affirmative Action
  9. (Tie). Earmarking
  10. (Tie.) Davis-Bacon Act

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE – The 10 Most Harmful Government Programs

Thirty-eight distinguished public policy experts and scholars nominated and selected the 2006 HUMAN EVENTS 10 Most Harmful Government Programs.

Each judge was asked to nominate a few programs for the 2006 list of the 10 Most Harmful Government Programs. We then sent them ballots listing the nominated programs. They ranked their choices 1 through 10, with No. 1 being the program they believed to be “most harmful.” A program earned 10 points for each No. 1 vote it received, 9 points for each No. 2 vote, and so on.

The program with the highest aggregate score — Social Security — was given the No. 1 position on this year’s list, and next year will be retired into the Government Program Hall of Shame. When the ballots were tallied, we phoned spokesmen for the federal agencies responsible for each program that made the list to see if they could point to the constitutional language, if any, that authorized the program.

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