Jimmy Carter Censure Movement

I know this is in retaliation of the Left's call to censure Bush. Yet the question is a worthy one to consider, should Carter be censured? Look at the case and evidence brought forth in these articles and website and cast your lot to censure or not censure Carter. 

E-mail I received today. Related articles: Censuring Jimmy Carter and Jimmy Carter linked to oil-for-food scam Ex-president worked with key figure in scandal combating Iraqi sanctions.

We launched the Censure Jimmy Carter campaign [http://www.CensureCarter.com] because we felt it was important that someone who was seriously undermining America's national security be held accountable for his actions.

Each and every day the mainstream news media (what Rush Limbaugh calls the "drive by media") attacks the virtues that make this country great.

Meanwhile, these same "Blame America First" media types celebrate and praise those shameless individuals who constantly attack and degrade our nation such as former President Jimmy Carter.

This is all part of a coordinated offensive on America's institutions by those who wish to redefine what this great nation stands for. Consider some of the most recent examples where virtue is under assault and those who preach hate for American values are celebrated.

* In our city streets hundreds of thousands of individuals (many of them illegal aliens) champion anarchy and insist on government handouts and capitulation to their demands for amnesty.

* Anti-war protestors attempt to rewrite history and the murderous acts of Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat and terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. Meanwhile they claim America is the enemy to peace in the world; equate our President with Adolf Hitler, seek to topple our Secretary of Defense and Vice President and carry signs that read "We Support Our Soldiers When They Shoot Their Commanders."

* Yet former President Jimmy Carter paves the way for North Korea to obtain nuclear arms; allows Islamic fundamentalists to topple a peaceful regime in Iran; cheers on anti-American dictators such as Cuba's Fidel Castro and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez; gives away the Panama Canal that the U.S. built with American blood, sweat and tears; and for all of this he is rewarded with the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize and is heralded by the American news media as a U.S. "hero."

Well, we cannot continue to sit silently and allow for these individuals to attempt to move America backwards to the culture of the 1960's – which is exactly what those on the Left and many in the news media want to see happen.

Instead we are going to hold accountable those who repeatedly have tried to undermine our nation's security and the mission our brave troops are serving in as part of the war on terrorism.

It's time that the Congress and the American people shamed and condemned the actions of Jimmy Carter in particular, as he has emerged as one of the most destructive voices for our American ideals.

We have produced our first TV commercial to advance the "Censure Jimmy Carter" campaign. We will be running this on national television news stations as we build momentum for the "Censure Jimmy Carter" campaign.

Please watch the commercial here: http://www.censurecarter.com/video/1/

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  1. Actually, Jimmy Carter received the ultimate censure in November 1980 when we turned him out of office. His removal was so important to me that I registered to vote that year for the first time just so I could vote for Ronald Reagan.

    The problem with Jimmy Carter is not so much that he hobnobs with these anti-American foreign leaders, but that he becomes their sock-puppet. He fails to use his influence to moderate their attitudes and their conduct. Jimmy Carter is the most hopelessly naive President to have ever held office. He personifies what Vladimir Lenin once referred to as “useful idiots’.

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