Harry Potter’s Not the Problem

American Vision – Harry Potter’s Not the Problem:

Laura Mallory is a concerned mother of three. She wants the Harry Potter books removed from the library of J.C. Magill Elementary School where her children attend because she says the books, which have world-wide sales of more than 300 million, glorify witchcraft. She has embarked on a fool’s errand.

I’m always amazed when I read stories about well intentioned parents who want this book removed or that course dropped as if these minor changes will result in an educational reformation. It’s not going to happen. The sooner parents learn this, the sooner they will save their children from things worse than witchcraft like the belief that public education is a neutral endeavor designed to equip young people to be objective learners. Based on what the courts have decided over the years, the public schools are “religious (Christian)-free zones.” In a word, they are atheistic.

You would think that the majority of Christian parents would be concerned about this. They’re not. They continue to believe that public education can be saved. It can’t. Mrs. Mallory is spitting in the wind when she doesn’t have to. Her children are being co-opted everyday by witchcraft by the “philosopher’s stone” of the magic-laden and irrational worldview of materialism. Read More


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