The Danger of Redefining ‘The Family’

The Danger of Redefining ‘The Family’

The recent United Nations Conference on Population and Development offers a good example of the kind of challenges that United Families International and other pro-family groups constantly face at the UN.

Regardless of the proposed topic or problem bringing UN member states together in international forums under the UN’s Economic and Social Council, negotiations seem to inevitably focus on abortion, homosexuality or “sexual freedom.” Of course, the advocates of these positions do not use these exact terms because they try to obscure their intentions. They use terms like “reproductive health services” for abortion, “various forms of the family” to promote homosexuality and “responsible” or “comprehensive sex education” to promote irresponsible teen sex.

It has never been clear to me why the UN is even dealing with these issues at these meetings, which should be convened to work on world peace, sanitation, world hunger and stamping out deadly diseases.

Here is what happened at the population conference:

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