Filipina & Mormon: Tolerance 101 | Progressive U

Filipina & Mormon: Tolerance 101 | Progressive U:

“A Filipina Mormon?” A Mormon Filipina?”

Upon these discoveries of prominent aspects of my identity, I am received with baffled stares that yearn to vocally question “How?” but are restrained out of mere politeness.

There are thousands of misconceptions regarding The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, usually identified as the “Mormon church.” Before the latter title is barely uttered many tend to view a mental pop-up with the word “polygamy” in flashing red letters, completely ignorant of the fact that this practice was long ago eradicated and is altogether obsolete. (Unfortunately, some groups that have branched away from the central church profess to be polygamous Mormons, which is greatly erroneous.) Because the LDS church was founded in America, a common inaccuracy is that all members are Caucasion Americans. Both my parents are just two beings amidst a sea of a million converts throughout the world, who are in turn passing their religious beliefs on to their own posterity. However, growing up in a less-diversified city in the suburbs of Florida, I have yet to find another brown face containing the same confused slanted eyes like mine. While attending church functions such as youth dances or activities, there has always been this lingering sadness acknowledging the certainty that there is no one to truly connect with, to not only understand the pressures of belonging to a religion ridiculed out of miscontrued information, but to also stand unsupported when ostrasized by those of my own culture.


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  1. This turned out to be a most useful post. I visited her blog and ended up contributing to what turned out to be a very useful discussion about the Church, particularly the roles and values offered by each component of the Standard Works. It appeared one poster, Cmats, may have been combining the Book of Mormon with the Doctrine of Covenants in his mind. A couple of us set him straight.

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