Great picture of Joseph Smith

One of the best pictures I’ve seen of Joseph Smith.

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  1. Looks like very heavely inspired by the Carter image or the Community of Christ oil painting. Which is really the same. Does not have the left droop eye that is in the death mask and the skull photos. I have superimposed the skull and death mask on this and there are some variances but getting closer.

  2. I have seen a copy of the original degrotype from the Reorganized church. Josephs face had a cleft chin, a little more rounded face around the jaw and some large bumps above the eyebrows.

  3. There will soon be a publication of the only picture found of Joseph Smith Jr. The experts are working right now with the Church to release it soon, since their conclusion is that the photograph is authentic.

  4. This isn’t the only picture of Joseph Smith. Sure it may be authentic, but its not the only one that is out there today. I have seen thousands of pictures of Joseph Smith.

  5. That comment i just left is in accordance to the one left above it. There are many pictures of our beloved prophet. Its not the only one

  6. Doesn’t look like a photo to me. But there’s a great one floating around that the RLDS had. I’ve seen it, but don’t know where it is. I was searching for it when I found this.

  7. George Fowers is the only man I know that has a real photo of Joseph Smith. I haven’t seen that photo anywhere else so far. I went to his home and purchased the 8×10 copy for $ 5. If you want to see how Joseph Smith really looked like, look up the directory and find George Fowers in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Contact him, make an appointment and grab your Joseph Smith original photo!

  8. I have looked at the picture of Joseph Smith currently in the possession of George Fowers in Pleasant Grove. The picture has been confirmed to be taken from a daguerreotype plate. There are two individuals in the photo. The individual on the left looks like and has been confirmed to be Brigham Young at a younger age than we are accustomed to seeing. The individual with Brigham on his right side is the one believed to be the prophet Joseph. This individual matches the many descriptions we read from journals with the broad square shoulders. Joseph looks to be 1.5 times broader in the shoulders than Brigham. His hair and face look like someone who had suffered from being poisoned, tarred and feathered, and the many other tribulations we know Joseph endured. The measurements on the death mask match as well. I believe this is a picture of the prophet Joseph. But in reality, it doesn’t matter if we have a picture of Joseph or not what matters is how we live.

  9. I have also seen the photo that George has. He was my neighbor up until Sept of 07.

    I understand the photo and the research surrounding it will be released on a website shortly.

    I like the idea being able to see what Joseph looked like. The supposed photos I have seen previously did not convince me that they were of him. I agree with John that it is important how we live but I feel that I am fortunate to have been able to view the photo and I have shared it with many.
    Soon many more will be able to see it and decide for themselves if it is Joseph.

  10. Sharing with others, what I found, a photograph of the Prophet Joseph Smith,

  11. The beginning photo, is of the Prophet Joseph Smith, taken with the Prophet Brigham Young, which came out of the Hyrum Smith’s children’s homestead Hyrum’s daughters came to Utah County, in the 1860’s along with Mary Fielding, –Lavina Martha Sarah and Mary

  12. Some one some where, must have real photograph, or a Daguerreotype of the Prophet Joseph Smith.
    I hope to find one or two…some day soon.
    There is, however, a photo of a person who has a resemblance to the Prophet, in the book, “Set In Stone, Fixed In Glass”,published in 1992 by Signature Books, Authored by Nelson B. Wadsworth, on page 22, last photo to the right, marked as No. 30
    This could have been an 1840s photo, carried-over into Utah territory in 1847, by the person who took the Daguerreotype of this Man who has a striking resemblance to Joseph Smith.
    You be the judge.

  13. The above “photo” looks like an enhanced charcoal portrait rendition of a photograph of the Community of Christ’s oil painting.

    Sorry folks, the Fowers photo has not been “confirmed” by the LDS Church or any institution or person other than Mr. Fowers. I talked with the archivists at the LDS Church History Library and they continue to state that “there is currently no known photograph of Joseph Smith.” You can call them yourselves if you want to–801-240-2272.

    About the only way to “verify” an unlabeled photo is to clearly trace its provenance–in other words, know exactly where it has been and who has owned it for the past 160+ years. If the photo’s history can’t be cleanly documented back to Joseph and Emma Smith, then there’s your first clue that you ought to have a healthy degree of skepticism about all the photos that pop up in Deseret Industries and antique stores. Remember Mark Hofmann and his document forgeries? No one pressed him for exact details about the provenance of his documents).

    Just get used to the idea that we may never know exactly what Jesus Christ or Joseph Smith looked like–and then move on . . .

  14. Call Bill Slaughter Head photo Archivist of the LDS church and ask him about George Fower photo. When they approached him about it he said not him by a mile. I have copies of all the photos ever turned into the lds church that even were considered to have a chance of being Joseph and that one just does not fit. I have put it to the tests myself and it is not Joseph, Sorry.
    the Community of Christ has one they call the Scannel Daguerreotype that has passed all of our test from Doctors to FBI photo specialist to even an Anthropologist that is a specialist in putting skull photos, death masks and photos together. the community of christ will not let it out yet. Call and ask them about it.

  15. the George Fowers is not a photo of Joseph or the other of Brigham. Call and talk to Bill Slaughter, head photo archivist of the LDS church. I have put this through the same process we used on the RLDS photo and mine and the anthropologist conclusion is, sorry does not match to the skull, death mask or all 38 discriptions from those who knew Joseph. The forensics used to identify remains to death masks and skulls is highly accurate and has been proven to the accuracy by DNA after the results were gathered by the facial recognition points. We have been studing supposed photo’s of Joseph for years now and the one that matches all the research we have done is the Scannel that the RLDS have. You can see all the research of these photo’s in the book Millions shall know brother Joseph again. We went in to the research to disprove all of the photo’s but the Scannel proved us wrong. Until more evidence is brought up then, in the words of my anthropolgy friend, “there is a very, very strong probability that the Scannel is that of Joseph Jr.”

  16. Darrell M. Warnick

    You talked to my wife today, in Deseret Ind. I would like your e-mail address. My phone # 467-8860, Am. Fork, Ut.

  17. Darrell M. Warnick

    Phone: 1-801-756-8860

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