Capitol Hill holds watch on immigration events

Capitol Hill holds watch on immigration events | Read more >>

A national worker boycott set for Monday may spur Senate to act – or erode support for broad reform.

WASHINGTON – Meat-packing plants are planning to pack it in for the day. In Las Vegas, some casinos are bracing for a shutdown, and restaurants from San Diego to Bethesda, Md., are about to test whether senior staff can bus tables or sear scallops.

As companies cope with the hard-to-predict impact of Monday’s worker boycott by immigrants and their backers, a big unknown is political: Will the walkout help break a legislative logjam in the Senate over immigration reform – and even affect outcomes in fall congressional elections?

Here’s the state of play on Capitol Hill. The GOP-controlled House has approved a border-security bill, including a provision that makes it a felony (rather than a civil crime) to be in the US illegally, that Democrats believe will hurt Republicans in the fall elections. The Senate, in considering its version of the bill, is stuck over whether to include a guest-worker program and path to legal status for as many as 12 million foreigners already in the country.

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