LDS film prompts warning by theater

Daily Herald – LDS film prompts warning by theater:


Signs on sticks, marching, chanting.

“Grace is for Mormons, too.”

“Mormons (heart) Jesus, too.”

“Mormons are Christians, too.”

About two dozen members of the LDS faith, some from as far away as Utah and Texas, had planned to spend their Wednesday evening protesting outside the Horton Plaza 14 Theater in San Diego. The protest targeted what the members say is discrimination against the LDS Church and the movie “States of Grace,” which is playing at the theater.

The story started on Monday. Armand Mauss and his wife drove 85 miles to see “States of Grace” at the theater because it wasn’t playing where they lived.

Mauss walked up to the ticket counter and asked for two tickets.

“Are you Christian?” the girl at the ticket counter asked.

Mauss was surprised but responded in the affirmative. It was her next statement that surprised him.

“She responded, ‘Well you need to know that this film, it’s being advertised as a Christian film, but it’s really a Mormon film.’ “

From further questions, Mauss learned that the theater’s supervisors had told their employees to “warn” ticket buyers about the film. They had complaints from people upset because the movie wasn’t what they expected.

“I asked (movie theater employees) if it was a Catholic film, would you say, this isn’t a Christian film, it’s a Catholic film?” Mauss said.

Upset, he called the movie distributors, Mainstreet Movie Co. Others who had experienced the same questioning called in, too.


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