Eagle River family takes emergency preparation seriously

Kenai Peninsula Online – AP News: Eagle River family takes emergency preparation seriously

Anchorage Daily News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Facing a possible flu pandemic, everyone thinks about vaccines, drugs and other treatments to prevent getting the deadly virus.

But health officials here say one of the tools they’d use to stop a pandemic from spreading is “social distancing.” In the simplest terms, that means separating oneself from the rest of the community.

That’s why state health officials are asking Alaskans to stockpile food and water – not the antiviral drug Tamiflu – in their home pantries. How much do you need? Dr. Richard Mandsager, state public health director, said a good starting point is seven days’ worth of emergency supplies for every member of your family.

Becky Barney in Eagle River has that covered – and more.

Barney’s religion – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – promotes preparing for any type of emergency. She and other church members are trying to organize their neighborhoods, too, making sure they know who needs additional help and who has special gadgets like generators. (The Barneys have a generator.)


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  1. Good catch! I’ll have to start checking the Peninsula Clarion once in a while. Of course, the General Authorities have always urged people to keep a reserve on hand, usually a one year’s supply. The “social distancing” factor will certainly slow down the spread of an epidemic, but this social distancing will be difficult for those who live in high density housing. It’s still worthwhile for those who live in low-density housing.

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