Hanging by a thread


I've been very interested in how the LDS prophecies that the U.S. Constitution will "hang by a threat" will play out in the end.

So, I find it particularly fascinating that Judge Napolitano's best-selling Constitutional Chaos uses the same phraseology utilized by LDS Prophets from day one.

The Constitution was once the bedrock of our country, an unpretentious parchment that boldly established the God-given rights and freedoms of America . Today that parchment has been shred to ribbons, explains Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, as the federal government trounces state and individual rights and expands its reach far beyond what the Framers intended.

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  1. While the “horse” parts of the White Horse prophecy seemed to have been dismissed by the LDS Church, I can’t help but observe that if the White Horse is the Church (or its people) it will step forward to save the Constitution with the marshalled forces of the “Red Horse.”

    Hmmm….Red Horse==Red States, bible belt et all.

    just my .02

  2. I wonder if it’s possible that the Red Horse could be the descendants of the Lamanites? It is also prophesied that their descendants, along with faithful LDS, will journey to present-day Independence, MO to build the New Jerusalem and the temple.

    The other part about “a land beyond the Rocky Mountains in danger from the heathen Chinese unless great care is taken” is becoming more possible. China, under the auspices of Hutchison Whampoa, has established itself on both ends of the Panama Canal. Other Chinese companies have established operations in four Mexican seaports and the Bahamas. I don’t think the Chicoms will pull any shenanigans before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, because they look upon that as a potential huge source of foreign exchange to enrich their coffers. But once that’s over with, look out. Don’t forget, China’s also been conducting joint military exercises with Russia.

    I foresee a scenario in which China launches an attack on Taiwan. We respond, and then Russia comes to China’s aid by launching a Pearl Harbor-style nuclear strike upon the U.S., not to destroy us, but to decapitate our leadership and infrastructure.

  3. “Torn to Shreds” means that the government will fall because the people will not believe in it any more.

    The power of the constitution relies on the respect of the minority. When the levers of power are used to lock the power of one party in place, the other will in turn do the same only escalated. This was seen in the shadows of the Book of Mormon, and will be seen again now.

    The constitution will be saved by the church in much the same way that the church advocates the Boy Scouts….which is to say….with enthusiasm, but under their own auspices.

    When the LDS church is the most organized religion in the chaos that follows the dissolution of the national government, the secular government by which the church shall govern will be the consitution.

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