Being Mormon: Why Romney’s Mormonism Makes Him the Best Candidate for the GOP

Being Mormon: Why Romney’s Mormonism Makes Him the Best Candidate for the GOP:

Though well-respected, Novak and his sources are not free from a challenge, so let me do the challenging.

Are Novak and his sources implying that the most morally conservative voters in the United States would rather endorse a left-wing, abortion-endorsing, socialist-leaning, gay agenda-adopting, Bill Clinton-marrying, liberal than a God-fearing, card-carrying conservative Mormon, who has had remarkable success in business and in politics, and who has shown he is able to win a liberal state like Massachusetts? Either something is very wrong with Novak or something is very wrong with the Evangelicals he is interviewing.

Here are some of my observations as to why Novak and his sources have been sniffing the Cathedral incense too long and why Romney is the GOP’s best bet in returning a candidate to the White House.


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Posted on May 8, 2006, in News and politics. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. It’s too bad that Romney is no friend to the US Constitution, just look at his recent health care mandate – he’s a socialist. As a Latter-day Saint I could never honestly vote for him because any friend of socialism is not friend of LDS doctrine.

  2. His health care mandate? You mean the one where everyone is required to get insured and pay for it themselves rather than be pigs at the feeding trough waiting for a taxpayer handout like here in California?

    Now THAT’S socialism, which by the way is defined as taking from those who have and redistributing the wealth to those who don’t, not having them pay their own way.

    But go ahead. I’d rather have Hillary as President over McCain anyway.

  3. whatever it is – it is FORCE, it is control… what about those who don’t want Health Care? – force is of Satan. The Government can’t force me to have health care! That’s insane!

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