California Senate Passes School Sexual Indoctrination Bill

I just got this e-mail a moment ago. This is depressing.

Dear Friend of the Family,

The California Senate today passed SB 1437 by a near party line vote of 22-15. All Republican senators voted against the bill. One Democrat, Dean Flores, voted against it and two others abstained.

This bill will require schools to indoctrinate children that homosexuality, bi-sexuality and transgenderism are normal, healthy and acceptable lifestyles and conditions. It now goes to the California Assembly where it will likely be the subject of hearings by several different committees.

This is a disappointing but not unexpected action by the Senate and certainly in character with its past actions. However, the fight to kill this very bad legislation is far from over and opposition to it is growing daily as more and more California parents learn about how outrageous it truly is.

We have had thousands of people contact our senators through our Web site alone and I am confident that we will be able to bring even more pressure against this bill in the Assembly. In the coming days we will be suggesting specific things you can do to help kill it.

Thanks to all of you who actively opposed this legislation, especially those of you who helped educate your family, neighbors, co-workers and others. We only need to let enough people know how dangerous and outrageous this bill is and get them to also act to kill it.


Meredith Richey

President, United Families California

P.S. You can help even more by making a tax-deductible contribution to help us generate more grassroots opposition to SB 1437. You can easily do this securely on line through our website by clicking here. If you prefer, you can print out a form on that same Web page to mail in a contribution. All contributions received for the next several weeks will be devoted entirely to this effort to stop SB 1437.

Contact Us for More Information

Also, please help even more by forwarding this on to others!

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