Did The NSA Break The Law?

I care more about potential law breaking than I do about privacy. I place a high value on law and order, and little value on privacy. Given that, if such actions provide a level of safety against terrorist, I’m all for it.

Did The NSA Break The Law? – Forbes.com:

Washington, D.C. – The allegations that the federal government has been secretly tracking the calls of millions of Americans, aided by three major telephone companies, will doubtless inflame privacy advocates and Democrats. But whether AT&T, Verizon Communications and BellSouth broke the law by handing over reams of call data to the National Security Agency is unclear.

USA Today reported Wednesday that the three telcos had handed over phone records for tens of millions of Americans to the NSA, which then used the records to search for patterns it thought would help it suss out terrorist activity. The paper said the NSA wasn’t wiretapping the calls and listening to the content, but was compiling extensive lists of who called whom, and when they called them.


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  1. a random John

    I think that Verizon and the others broke the law if not my trust my not requiring a warrant. This is the one time I’ve been pleased with something Qwest has done.

    Isn’t the NSA supposed to be spying overseas? How long have they had large scale warrantless domestic spying operations?

    Massive traffic analysis of this sort could be used for all sorts of nefarious purposes even without the content of the conversations. While I can see its uses in identifying terrorists I also think that a much more limited, warrant based program could work nearly as well without risking out civil liberties.

    Bush seems to have decided that whatever he wants to do is legal. This is shameful

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