Hayden Nomination Unlikely to Be Sidelined by NSA Reports

Porter Goss was sacked by DNI (Director of National Intelligence) Ambassador John Negroponte.

His replacement, Gen. Hayden, means the CIA will return back to the old ways as it becomes more militarized.

The CIA has not been aligned with Bush, and Goss lost control of intelligence-gathering and analytical ops. In all intents and purposes, Goss failed miserably.

Will Gen. Hayden be able to turn around the CIA and restore it to its previously esteemed and respected position? I seriously doubt it, because Hayden is Negroponte’s yes man. To add to that, Negroponte is deaf to criticism, unwilling and/or unable to address, let alone fix, CIA deficiencies.

So I’m glad McCain is in favor of public hearings. We need intel on the CIA. Let’s hope the Senate Intelligence Committee doesn’t fail us this time.

FOXNews.com – Hayden Nomination Unlikely to Be Sidelined by NSA Reports

WASHINGTON – Air Force General Michael Hayden’s nomination to be director of the CIA appears an open and shut case despite a newspaper story that broke Thursday saying the National Security Agency he used to head is collecting millions of Americans’ telephone numbers.

As of now, Hayden’s confirmation hearing is expected to proceed as planned. The Senate Intelligence Committee has him on the schedule for next Wednesday.

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