Out front about his faith, Romney scoring points

DesMoinesRegister.com: Yepsen: Out front about his faith, Romney scoring points

Cedar Rapids, Ia. – It was the third question Mitt Romney got here Monday night at a gathering of religious conservatives. It was the Mormon question.

The Massachusetts governor is spending lots of time visiting Iowa these days as he prepares a bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. And, he’s doing well, seeing the right people and attending the right events.

There’s just one glitch. It’s his religion. Some on the right are troubled by his Mormon faith. One conservative here said privately that some evangelicals believe “it’s a cult” and that people would have trouble supporting Romney as a result. Others don’t seem troubled because the church’s socially conservative teachings on many issues dovetail nicely with their own beliefs.

The governor was asked about it all during a house party sponsored by the Iowa Christian Alliance – formerly the Iowa Christian Coalition. He seemed ready for it.


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  1. I’ve been longing to find a mormon politician that isn’t a socialist, or isn’t destroying the US Constitution, they just don’t exist anymore… Hatch, Bennett, Mitt Romney! they are all enemies of the US Constitution.

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