Power Line: If the Mitt fits

Power Line: If the Mitt fits:

In many respects, Gov. Mitt Romney is the most attractive potential presidential nominee the Republicans have. He is bright, good-looking, articulate, and conservative. But he is also a Mormon.

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  1. He’s also a socialist! that cancels out the good things he’s done and makes him a terrible choice for President.

    Déjà vu! Remember when Hillary Clinton promoted mandatory healthcare for all United States citizens and was vilified by the Republican Party to be promoting her own brand of socialism. To define how far the Republican Party has migrated towards outright socialism since then, we only need to look to Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. He’s promoting state wide mandatory health coverage and payments in his state.

    To quote Mr. Romney, “You have to buy car insurance if you own a car. You have to buy home insurance to get a mortgage. Why don’t you have to buy health insurance?” Then he goes on to say, “We can’t have as a nation 40 million people – or, in my state, half a million – saying, ‘I don’t have insurance, and if I get sick, I want someone else to pay.” He adds, “It’s a conservative idea – insisting that individuals have responsibility for their own health care. I think it appeals to people on both sides of the aisle: insurance for everyone without a tax increase.”

    Now before we respond to this lunacy, let me further point out that they would encourage (government code word for mandate) businesses sign-up employees, force all self-employed to purchase health insurance regardless of age and those not able to afford would be signed-up on the state paid for program. Now let’s just call a spade a spade. To sum it up, businesses get smacked with increased premiums and the taxpayer is still paying for those that can’t afford it. To top it off, those failing to enroll would lose their tax exemption and be subject to wage garnishments. And the citizens of Massachusetts thought they only had to keep their eyes on Camelot to keep from getting fleeced!

    His reasoning also leaves a bit to be desired. First, since we have to have car insurance and homeowner’s insurance, forced health insurance only makes sense. Well, using that reasoning, let’s mandate crime insurance; rape insurance; shark attack insurance; getting our ‘feelings hurt’ insurance; how about let’s suggest ‘politician insurance’ to cover us from political stupidity. Secondly, earth to Mitt; the taxpayers are already paying for the political incompetence of allowing illegal immigration to drive our healthcare system to the brink. The taxpayer always gets the shaft, this only furthers the depth to which that shaft is sunk. While I agree this may be the new idea of conservativism, it’s a far cry from being constitutional. It’s nothing more than socialism masked or cloaked in the Republican flag. And yes, we do have a responsibility for our healthcare. If we chose to go without, it’s our right and we face the consequences of that choice.

    But, bear in mind, as the citizens are the losers in this grand charade, there are certainly winners. The insurance, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies which are quite active in politics these days benefit immensely. Your hard earned dollars line their pockets allowing them to continue to buy politicians such as Mr. Romney to spew their venom. In fairness to many Americans, however, this is the political trap that has been set meticulously over time. We want to avoid socialistic programs such as this promoted by Mitt. On the other hand, we’re being led down that path by the government and a few ill-serving businesses boxing Americans into a corner, forcing them to choose the lesser of the two evils. Bear in mind, using history as a guide, relying on government is never the lesser of the two evils.

    How stupid do these politicians think the American people are? The wolves are most certainly at the door, when the Savior said ‘feed my sheep,’ he wasn’t talking about feeding them to the wolves. It doesn’t matter if an adultery-stained Democrat President is promoting this type of health program or a Republican politician masked in the gowns of religion; socialism can’t be masked. It is what it is. It’s no longer a battle between right versus left or liberal versus conservative, they are all the same. Case in point, if you think those battles caused you to lose your property rights, think again! It’s socialism, pure and simple. Whoever promotes socialistic programs is going against our Constitution, against our freedom to choose and against everything God stands for. Might as well be dancing on the graves of those that gave their lives for our country as well as spiting in the face of our children who will have to bear the burden of this warped idea.

    © 2005 John Newby – All Rights Reserved

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