OPPOSED to California SB 1437? (not sure? read on!)

Official site for California legislative information on SB 1437


This is the bill started and passed the CA Senate which would require teaching a homosexual agenda in CA public schools.

When it is ILLEGAL for our kids to say the Pledge of Allegiance in schools, ILLEGAL for them to pray or have a moment of silence, ILLEGAL to have programs in school that teach about their heritage and actively discourage patriotism, but the CA legislature wants to make it LEGAL to teach a gay agenda and force teachers to do so, it is time to say IT IS ENOUGH.

Subject: Vote on Gov Arnold’s phone

Please take a minute to vote by phone!

SB 1437 Homosexual Curriculum Education Bill in CA
If you are unfamiliar with this bill:

Go to Google and put in SB 1437 and read, if it passes, what will be mandated by each school district and textbook publisher at every grade level from K-12 in teaching about the homosexual / lesbian lifestyle and their positive influence in our history.

But there is a way for citizens to cast a “vote” which the Governor pays attention to. VOTE BY PHONE.

This horrendous Bill passed the State Senate. We must demand that our Governor veto it should it come to his desk!

Urge the governor to veto this bill!!

Please call the governor’s switchboard:

The correct number for the governor’s office is: 916-445-2841

  • Phone recording will ask if you want this message in English?: yes, press 1
  • Is this in regards to a legislation bill? Yes, press 2
  • Is the bill SB 1437 ? Yes, press 1
  • Are you in favor of this legislation? NO, press 2

YOU DO have a voice in this country and state still — use yours to register your opinion in this matter!

Call every day until he announces a VETO!


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Posted on May 18, 2006, in News and politics. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Linda Arevalo

    You have to be freakin kidding! What else will satin think of to get to our children?

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