Responding to Ahmadinejad

FrontPage :: Dealing With the Devil by Kenneth R. Timmerman:

Should President Bush respond to the 18-page rant sent to him through the media by the jihadist president in Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?…

Here’s what the president should say and do…

First, he should restate his support for the right of the Iranian people “to choose your own future and win your own freedom.”…

Next, he should designate Vice President Dick Cheney as his Emissary to the Free People of Iran. (That will get the boy president’s attention, I assure you. Cheney = serious business)…

Third, the President should ask Congress to fully fund programs in support of the Free People of Iran…

Finally, the Vice President’s office should work behind the scenes with non-profit organizations and with the leadership council that emerges from the loya jirga to get money and technical support items to opposition forces inside Iran…

Mr. President: bringing freedom to Iran is far too important to America’s national security to entrust it to the State Department, and especially not to the CIA. Go to the folks who can do, not to those who whine and leak…

If we do not help the people of Iran to overthrow this radical regime, the military option will be all that we have left – unless, of course, as the Party of Appeasement would have it, we are to get used to the idea of a nuclear-armed regime of radical Islamic fundamentalists who openly espouse the thrill it would give them to murder millions of Americans and Jews.

This is the only option between Appeasement and War. It’s time we took it seriously. There is much to do.


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